Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Work then play!

The days after vacation are so much like the days after holiday. I’m putting things away and cleaning up the vacation rubble and looking forward to the changes that will come with school starting. I’ve been trying to get myself organized for the start of school, which for us is August 25th. I’ve got my plan sheets ready and my list of things to do…I just don’t have the accompanying drive to go in there and get it all done. But I know I need to so that I can have a bit more of summer before school really gets going. This year will be different for me. I will have an elementary student, a middle school student and a first year high schooler. Yikes! Only with God’s mercy can I even attempt this. I guess I’m right where He wants me…totally dependant on Him for everything I need, every day…especially Algebra.
After an afternoon of lesson planning and curriculum surveying I needed me some creative time! While Kristyn and I were out shopping one day in Hilton Head we saw some adorable, overpriced towels with single monograms on them. I filed those away in the back of my brain to stew for a while and last evening I came up with this:

I decided to do a bath/beach towel for the wonderful teenage girl who helped dog sit our Molly while we were away. (I know Kristyn! I changed my mind! I'll keep the Salty Dog t-shirt for myself :)) Her initials are LBS. She has her own bathroom and loves the color pink so this should be perfect. It was so easy. I just used some fusible interfacing on the back of some heavy weight cotton fabric and cut out the letters. I pinned them on and zig zagged them with hot pink. While I was at it I also did her a hand towel. Such fun! Her mom will get a different surprise!


Kristyn Knits said...

Okay...I'm learning how to use my sewing machine...NOW!! LOVE THEM!! YOU ROCK!!

mark said...

we'll keep liftin' you up in prayer, girl. a tall task, but from first hand knowledge, there is no more qualified teacher for your special students. if God entrusted those precious gifts to you as a parent, i'm thinking he approves of their teacher too! and oh, great choice for a gift, and flawless execution.

Mary said...

That is really cute!