Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good to the last drop

In only a few short weeks autumn will be here and summer will be gone. I love all the seasons but I'm always so sad to see summer go. There's a commercial out that says, "Live like it's summer." I've really tried to do that this year. Summer just slows down and the days get lazy and the schedules seem to loosen up a bit and somehow I'm able to breathe a little bit deeper and notice the little things around me a bit more keenly. I'm going to try to take that mindset into fall this year. But, I thought I would Savor Summer and make note of those little things that make this season so special these last 14 days. If you want to join me that would make it even better, then I could savor my summer and yours as well.

Summer Savor.1 - Last minute sleepovers and breakfast outside on the deck the next morning!


Kristyn Knits said...

love your savor summertime photo idea! this one is perfect! great mom allowing last minute sleepovers.

mark said...

i am learning to like summer more (have always been a fall/winter guy). sharing a week with you, John, they girls and JSam has certainly helped that learning process! i'll join in the sharing at firstinitialp. great blog!