Friday, August 15, 2008

Baba turns 90!

I've always called my grandmother (my mom's mom) Baba. It's Croatian for grandmother. Her family came to America from Croatia. She's a first generation American. On Wednesday, August 13th she celebrated her 90th birthday. That previous Monday I asked her if she ever thought she'd have made it to 90. (She was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 1990 and given 6 months to live...God had other plans:) ) She replied, "I'm not there yet!" She cracks me up! Well, she made it and we had a celebration that blessed everyone involved. Her great grandchildren were there. (except Jordan who shares her birthday, he had football) Her grandchildren were all there. My cousins from Minnesota and Chicago flew in for the party. Her 2 daughters were there and some special friends as well. She was so happy. We had her favorite foods for dinner. She was genuinely overwhelmed with the entire evening. She performed the Charleston for us and even did some hula dancing as well. It was so good to see her so happy and relaxed. Throughout the evening different people shared special stories of how Baba had touched their life. She gave all the thanks to the Lord for allowing her the "privilege of watching her children and their children and their children's children grow up". She recounted the faithfulness of God and how she has trusted Him through the good days and through the bad days as well. What a legacy she has left for us through her faith. As Baba has gotten older, she has her good days and her rough days. She doesn't always remember everything. She is slowing down a lot. Her hearing is getting rusty and she can't get out the way she used to...but for a moment in time, we had her back. We caught a glimpse of the Baba we've always loved. It was so great celebrating you Baba. I love you so much.


Alaina said...

What a gift in your life.

You brought a tear to my eye as I read your post.

My own Gramma will be 88 this fall...and she too is such a blessing in my life.

Thanks for sharing.

Kristyn Knits said...

what a beautiful tribute to baba! looks like everyone had fun at the party. I'm sure you were the perfect hostess!

mark said...

what an amazing evening, and an equally amazing lady. the strains of faith that traverse through generations bind us in a blessed chord. and they are the chords that we find make up the very fabric of who we are. i am sure it gives Baba great joy to see the women of God that your mom and you are. and to see that taking seed in your wonderful kids.