Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back to Reality...

Well, we’re back from our vacation at Hilton Head Island and it was wonderful. I didn’t want to come home. I wanted to stay in paradise and pretend that that was where I really lived. Seriously, coming home was hard for me this year. I really didn’t want to have the week come to an end. I was dreading the drive home. But somewhere along route 95, I realized I would be alright. The drive gave me time to adjust to reality and gather my wits about heading back and it wasn’t so bad. We got home in 11 hours and that included a stop to let air out of our tires (the tire gauge indicated that they were at 70 lbs.- they should have been at 35 lbs.- don’t use the air pump gauge at a gas station...carry your own). The week while we were there was good. Everyone got along great. The kids had a blast together and the weather was fabulous. We found treasures along the beach, we shopped and swam and flew kites and we had a great time being a family and hanging with the Robbs. It was great having a whole week to visit with friends (it still wasn't enough time). Kristyn and I got some knitting projects checked off our list. She finished a gorgeous throw, a cowl and a dishcloth...all beautiful. We never did start those socks though!

I finally finished my Noro scarf.

Needle: Size 7
Finished length:134"

I also did a couple of dishcloths....I'll slip these away for gifts for friends.

The top two are feather and fan. I completed the top one without any modifications. The second one I purled row 7 (instead of knitting). I like them both. The third one is the Ladybug dishcloth. It was fun to see the picture show up as I knit.

I thank the Lord for his protection and His provision. He was more than gracious to us. One little thing I prayed was that we would find gas for a good price. Gas was 3.95 when we left here. We found it as low at 3.57 on the way…mostly we paid around 3.73. We had budgeted 300.00 for gas. We only spend 273.00. That was a little praise, but a big one!

It was a great week and we have tons of pictures to remember it. I spend last night deleting all the out of focus ones and the multiple image ones. Guess we got a little carried away with the new camera. Here are a couple of my favorites!

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