Sunday, August 24, 2008

Summer Savor.10

I'm feeling a bit corny today! It might have something to do with the fact that yesterday I blanched, cut and bagged 6 dozen ears of corn. I told John that I'm beginning to feel a little pioneerish. He laughed and said, "Yeah, with the help of the local farmer's market!" My mother and law and I worked for a couple of hours chatting and visiting as we cut corn, putting it away for the winter. Mckenzie came and helped us shuck for a while. (Maggie would have helped but she was still on the couch with a fever!) It was nice to have 3 generations working together, laughing and telling stories. I really think there is something to the fact that in years past, families worked alongside each other spending time together and sharing in each other's lives. I know we have a lot of modern conveniences now and life is much easier in so many ways than it was for our grandparent's generation. (I am so thankful for my washing machine...I can't even imagine.) But, I do think that somewhere along the way we have traded in some meaningful relationship time with all of our gagets. Strong relationships take time to develop and the only way to really grow them is to spend time together. Over that pile of corn, I was reminded of how much those relationships mean to me and how that simple act of shucking corn slowed us down and gave us time to talk and visit and of course get corny together.

We have 17 quarts of corn ready and waiting for the winter. It makes letting go of summer just a wee bit easier.


Kristyn Knits said...

what a great post! I love that you have Barbara to work with you. wish I was closer, I'd love to spend TIME building our relationship. how do you do that corn thing?

maggie still has a fever? poor girl-is she missing school?

mark said...

i am just glad to have another member in the corny club! what a lot of work, but what great savors are ahead in the cool of fall and winter because of your summer labor.

Mary said...

Is Maggie better? I was praying for her. My niece ended up getting sick last week too with some sort of upper respiratory virus. Maybe we'll get to see you all over Christmas break. I might watch her then if I don't have a job by then.