Saturday, August 30, 2008

Go to Gift Idea!

I've found my new "go to birthday party gift idea". Back when we got home from our trip to Hilton Head, I made a towel set for the teenage girl who watched our Molly. It was a thank you gift for all the love she gave our dog. My daughter, Maggie, spied it out and decided that was just what she wanted to give her friend Sarah for her birthday. We made a trip to Walmart and picked out a towel, and material for the monogram. (Apparently, none of the fabrics that I had in my stash were just right for Sarah!) The plan was to give her a towel with her initial on it and a little soap bag to hang in the shower. Well, the little bag never got while I was running errands I picked up some body lotion, body spray and a bath puff. Everything I purchased ended up costing $10.00. (That included the towel!) With just a little bit of sewing...we ended up with a great gift.