Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Round the house

We're back to school and we're all busy around the house getting our studies done. The first week is a matter of fine tuning our schedule and our studies. I'm never quite sure how long everyone's work will take them, so I need to be flexible and remember that all things are subject to change. Everyone's been up and raring to go early since this week is the first week of a new school year. Mckenzie started math today at 7:30am. (Good thing I'd had my coffee.) She's my "get it done" girl. Anyways, at lunchtime she told my mom she had finished her school at 10:00am. Good grief...that's a sure way to set off some alarms. She wasn't done, but even if she was, there are just some things you don't tell your grandmother! Especially when you fail to mention you started at 7:30am.
The neighborhood kids went back to school today, so that helps tremendously. There is something nice about knowing your friends are in school while you are too. Well, I've got a sweater calling my name and since our work is done for the day....I think I'll go knit! I've started the sleeves on my Liesl. Maybe I'll be wearing it this weekend. I'll keep you posted.


Kristyn Knits said...

oh my...what a beautiful sweater. you're such a fast knitter!!

love the beginning of school. looks like everyone was diligently working!

Mary said...

Hey your sweater looks great! You get a lot accomplished. I'm impressed.