Sunday, August 10, 2008


I bought this book for my girls one year for Christmas. It's from Klutz and it is a great book for learning how to crochet. It came with yarn and a hook and a cute little bag. All the lures. I had high hopes that one of them would acquire a desire for fiber. So far I have no takers. Although Kenzie does sew, neither of them is very interested in knitting or crocheting. Lately, I have been seeing patterns with some crocheting required and my desire to crochet has peaked. I had a friend over at the beginning of summer and she showed me how to chain and single crochet. I was supposed to be helping her and she ended up blessing me. Thanks Mary! After she left, I pulled this book out and started to work some on my own. Then I found out that my mom knows how to crochet and she was thrilled to teach me some stitches. We worked the other night on how to create the inner circle of the granny square. My mom is very creative and at one point did a lot of knitting and crocheting. Who knows, maybe my interest in it will get her HOOKED again...(get it?) Well, after some tutoring and lots of reading and fiddling. This is what I've got:
I've learned how to single, double, half double and triple crochet. I can do granny squares and crocheted flowers. It's been a good use for all those little scraps of cotton and wool yarn laying in my stash. I'm still really clumsy with the hook and the yarn, but I remember feeling that way at first when I started to knit. My girls have already put in a request for me to crochet them some of these:
They want them with the little crocheted flower on the fun.


Mary said...

That hat pattern looks cute and a flower on the side would be lovely. I decided to work on some hat patterns before the trip so I can teach the girls over there. There are some great free patterns on Ravelry. I love the patterns by

River Glorious said...

Very nice work. The stitches look even, though I can't tell since there are no close-ups, but from what I can see, that's an excellent job you did there. :) :)

Your girls just might pick up a hook after all.. :)

Kristyn Knits said...


no mention of your crocheting success yesterday on the phone. I can't keep up! but I'm trying...I at least bought the book.