Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This morning in my devotional reading the author asked the question, “When a shipbuilder erects a boat, does he do so only to keep it on the scaffolding?” The answer of course is no. A ship is built with the plan in mind for it to sail on the seas and to weather the waves and the storms that will inevitably come. The shipbuilder builds the ship to withstand the wind and the waves. I actually read somewhere that the wood on the hull of ships becomes seasoned and stronger after use. Something about the twisting and the water that makes the wood compact so that it actually becomes more fit to withstand the next storm. Pretty cool eh? The same is true with us. We were fashioned and designed to weather the storms of life with the promises of God fully at our disposal. “He has given us His very great and precious promises.” 2 Peter 1:4. God desires that we not only profess Him but that we use Him as well. So we must reach for those promises and make use of them during the seasons where the waves curl large. After the storm has passed we’ll find that God’s promises were true and sufficient…more than enough to take us through the storm. We’ll also find that because of the storm that we’ve weathered we’re stronger and more able to weather the next storm that life sends.


Kristyn Knits said...

love your thought about the weathered boat...I feel weathered, but do my actions show that I've learned anything new?

mark said...

can i get a witness! thanks for being a conduit for truth today.