Friday, February 15, 2013

Insta Friday

I'm linking up with Jeannett at Life Rearranged for Insta Friday.  Here's my last week in instagram/cellphone editing, just real life!
 My mom always takes the birthday grandchild out for lunch and shopping for their birthday.  Kenzie just turned 16 and she wanted to go to a mall down the road, so since my mom hadn't ever been there before, I got to drive!  Maggie came along and we all had a great time.  Kenzie found lots of great things...and I finally found a pair of black flats that I like!  I've been looking for quite a while!
 The middle school boys had a game the other night.  Jammer was taking a water break in between quarters.  It was a game where everyone got lots of minutes.  One of the boys looked over at Jammer and said, "This is so much fun!"  Gotta love that!
This is Sunny.  He showed up in our yard the other day...just wandering around looking so cold and hungry.  We brought him in, fed him and warmed him up.  He had a tag with a phone number on him so we called and he was returned to his owner.  We were sad to see him go, he was a sweet boy.  Molly wasn't so sure about the whole thing,  she kept sniffing and sniffing long after he was gone.  
 Jammer has been under the weather all week with a cold.  But even when he's sick he still finds some inner energy to create.  He made this fires of Modore (from Lord of the Rings) one day.  He rigged up some little lights to give it cool detail.  When he called me down to see it, the room lights were out and he had Lord of the Rings music playing!  He's pretty amazing.  
Molly kept looking for Sunny all week.  I also think she was trying to enjoy a bit of sunshine...the sun finally came out the other day!  I've bee missing it.  I want a big snow storm, but then I see the sun and I think I might be ready for spring!
 John gave me a bouquet of roses for Valentines day.  We had a game that night (so romantic) and I was keeping the score book.  Right before tip off, he walked over and presented me with the flowers and a kiss.  The middle school boys were all clapping and one of them said, "yeah!  That's the way a real man does it!" My son, told me later he was so embarrassed that daddy had kissed me in front of everyone!  Nothing like middle school boys for a good chuckle!
 My mom gave me this for Valentines day...she knows me so well!  It's my favorite coffee of all!
And finally, tulips from my wonderful mother in them too!  Hope your week was full of unexpected blessings and moments to give thanks!  It's really all the little things that make a life so full!


Larissa said...

Your girls only shopping trip sounds like so much fun - very smart of you and Maggie to tag along! I love photos of your girls - their smiles are contagious! Sunny looks so sweet and loving - so good of you to take him in and get him home. Greg just told me he thinks we need to start looking for a friend for Remmy (Sally passed two months ago and he misses her). You do have a wonderful husband - and a bit of public kissing is just fine by me! I have never heard of that coffee - think I may try it because you don't have to brew a whole pot. I only need a cup because i'll end up dringking tea the rest of the day.

It really is the little things - can not say that often enough! Have a wonderful weekend!

Mindy said...

Great pics! The flowers are lovely!

Kristyn Knits said...

Looks like life is full of blessings! Good news about black flats! And what a romantic husband you have...