Tuesday, May 29, 2012

sweet berry stitchery

Back in late winter I started this sweet cross stitch piece* in hopes of spring and summer.   The berries and the blossoms drew me in very quickly!  (In the middle of winter, berries and blossoms are a very good marketing technique.)   I used to work at a strawberry field when I was in high school and so I have this special place in my heart for berries.  I like them freshly picked and warm from the sun.      
This cross stitch piece called for Weeks Dye Works embroidery floss and this was my first time using them.  The Weeks Dye Works flosses are over dyed flosses and they have a variation in color that runs throughout them.  They add a lot of interest with the variations in colors but they are a bit pricey so I just purchased only the threads that I thought would make the biggest impact like on the berries and the bird.  Since the leaves had so many colors in them, I used some WDW floss and some DMC floss.

I really enjoyed working on this cross stitch piece.  It was fun with all of the bright colors and I was able to finish it off just in time for berry season.
The finished piece ended up being an odd size.  I really didn't want to go with the expense of ordering a custom built frame and my framer (my husband) was way too busy to build me a frame any time soon, so I set off for Joann's with a coupon in hand.   Thankfully I found a 10 X 10 shadow box and was able to paint it to match.  I sewed Ric Rac around the outside of the piece to give it some definition.  (it looked lost in the frame without it)  I like how it turned out and I guess trying to work within my framing budget forced me to try something new and I really like the end result.
Now, we need to head to the berry patch and pick us some nice ripe strawberries!  They'll be gone before we know it.  Thankfully, I'll be enjoying my cross stitch all summer long.

* The cross stitch pattern is by Bonnie Sullivan of All Through the Night.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

milestones and memories

So, my mom was right in laughing....but I think we're at a place where I can pause and catch my breath!
The past 2 weeks have been overloaded with big activities.  Here's a peek at where we've been:

First we had Mainstage production, which was a One Act Festival this year.  The week prior to the performance was full of rehearsals and productions and finally parties and more parties.....such fun!
on the way to dress rehearsal....

 For one of her roles, Maggie played the part of Ricki Zi....an overly zealous auditioner!

After Mainstage was over and the curtain closed on this year's production it was time to get ready for Prom.  We had a bunch of the girls over to the house to do make up and hair and then we hosted a fancy schmancy dinner for everyone....it was a wonderful night of fun and dancing....
there was so much make-up it was incredible!

getting ready....and texting friends while getting ready...it's a entirely new generation!
 I found this potato in the bag that I was washing for baked potatoes...I told the girls it was a sign that someone would have romance....

all the girls in their glory....it had been raining all day and it stopped just in time for photos!

 John and I were asked to chaperone and photograph the prom...we took over 700 photos...whew!

 this was near the end when we (meaning John and I) were ready to be heading home....

Oh and I can't forget my boy...he's had baseball games scattered in among all these big events.  So far, this season his team is 9 and 1....he's having so much fun!  I love watching him play!

It's been a fun two weeks...full of milestones and memories.  Now I'm ready for some normal...anybody got some of that!?!

Friday, May 11, 2012


My mom keeps laughing at me because every week I say something like, "After next week, things will slow down."  I swear it's the truth.  But I can see why she doubts me.  We're wrapping up our school year and sliding into the final week of rehearsals for the Mainstage production that Maggie is involved with.  Baseball, basketball, yard work, and regular family life all pile in there to make for some pretty overflowing days.  I've been seeing my week in stacks so here are a couple of the stacks I've worked through this past week.

I'm going to be teaching a history class next school year and I've been working through the topics and activities that I want to work through.  We have our teacher meeting today...so excited!
 My mom lent me her kindle so I could get caught up on our book club reads...I missed last month when they discussed Her Mother's Hope by Francine Rivers.  Next month the selection is Her Daughter's Dream....I'm finding myself frustrated by the lack of communication amongst the characters!
These books are also making me realize how vital it is that we pass on a legacy of hope and grace to our children!  
 My boy is loving this series.  We can't check them out of the library fast enough.  Yesterday we picked up 3 more and since the CDs were check out for two of the books, he actually got the books to read! yeah for more reading! 
Blueberries to nibble on all day long.  These are the best blueberries I've had.  I made a special run out last night to pick up more!   

 I finished a pile of Mother's day bracelets for my girlfriend to give at her church's Mother's Day Dedication....new design and card!  Yeah for Mothers!!
Mckenzie's pile of shorts to be hemmed....yeah for summer temps (I think they're coming!) and short wearing weather! 

Hopefully your stacks are reminders of the many joys in your life....
look around you and see how the blessings are piling up! 
Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all of you! 
 Enjoy your days!