Thursday, March 7, 2013

easy fridge picker upper

I keep meaning to show you guys my fridge.  I gussied it up a while ago and it makes me smile whenever I peek inside it.  (Note: this is not a staged fridge hahahaha....this is real life and that's our leftover chicken noodle soup down on the bottom shelf that we're having for dinner)
Whoever thought of glass shelves in refrigerators had to be someone without kids and teens.  I know they are better than the wire rack shelves that used to be in refrigerators, but the milk circles and the smears show up so badly on them.  They look clean - never!  So...I bought some plastic placemats at Target and I used them to line my shelves and doors bins.  When they get icky, I can take them out and wipe them down.  But because they have a pattern on them, they look really good for a really long time.  (unlike my unlined glass shelves).
As a matter of fact, I've had these liners in for about 6 weeks and I haven't needed to wipe them down yet.  Well, I take that back...I may need to wipe them down, but I haven't - and see how good they still look!  I just cut them to the size I needed and used a bit of tape to hold them in place so they weren't sliding around with the in and out of milk jugs.  It's worked wonderfully! (I field tested this for you before I posted about it. :))
This is a fast and cheap picker upper that you can do for under $10.  It really will make you smile when you open your fridge!  Oh, and apparently we like pickles a lot!  My favorites are the hot and spicy....they are good on just about everything!