Tuesday, January 29, 2013

cabled headband

Our weather here has been crazy.  Just yesterday we had ice and freezing rain in the morning and today the high was 67!  So this new cabled headband that I knit will have to wait until Friday when the high temp is forecast to be 30. I originally saw it on Thimbleanna's blog and I loved it.  The pattern is a freebie and it is a quick and easy knit.   If you're new to cables, this would be a great pattern for learning how to cable.
You knit the entire piece flat and then sew the ends together to form the band.  I had some leftover yarn from my Diamond Cable Gilet so you could definitely knit this with some leftover yarn and use up some of your stash.
Thanks to Maggie for being my model....she's a sweetie!  She's eating a chocolate chip cookie in that picture....can you tell? Anyways, I hope your week is going along smoothly (weather aside) and that you have time to steal a chocolate chip cookie or two!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

january finish

Have you seen the Word Play stitcheries from Country Stitches?  They came out last year and there is one to correspond with every month of the year.  They are awesome!  (have I mentioned before that I love seasonal things!?)  I just finished the January one....and there's still some days in January left to enjoy it!  Yeah for that!!  Who knows, it may just stay up into February if we get some more snow.
These are stitched on Abecedarian Linen with one strand over two threads....makes my eyes go crossed if I don't sit in direct sunlight when I'm stitching.  But I like the primitive, natural look of the finished piece so much, that all the eye strain was worth it! I finished it off with a piece of cotton on the back and used two rusty safety pins to attach a hanger made from linen tape.
The only thing I would change if I were doing this piece again is to switch from the white floss that the pattern calls for to something that is a bit brighter and pops more on the fabric.  The Shaker White that the pattern calls for is subtle....maybe a bit too subtle.  (But not subtle enough for me to rip it out and re-do it!)
I tried using a lighted magnifier so I could stitch at night when I really have more 'free' time, but the magnifier took more getting used to than I had patience and it made me feel a bit granny-ish.  So, by the window I sat with my coffee and my stitching - just a bit in the mornings before the crowd got rolling.  It was a fun project to work on....I think I'd like to start one for the spring...maybe April or May?  Which one do you like the best?  

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

both ends of the bench

My little guy is turning 11 on Saturday!  I can't believe it...he's growing up so fast.  I'm enjoying these sweet days where he still loves to snuggle on the coach and listen as I read The Hobbit to him.  { Side note:  What a great book it is!  I never read it growing up.  I think I was in some 'experimental' literature class in high school because we skipped all of the classics.  I've had to read Jane Eyre, Emma, To Kill a Mockingbird, and so many others all on my own.  The only book I remember reading in high school that qualifies as a classic was The Scarlet Letter.  Not sure what happened there.}  So, I am really enjoying reading Tolkien's adventure to my son.  While I read, he draws.  It's hard to keep my focus, because he is so good at drawing, I want to look up and watch him draw which makes reading tricky!
(here's on of his drawings...it is the lonely mountain and Smaug) 

He's playing on two basketball teams and on one team, he is the 'big' guy.  When they line up the kids to see who they are going to guard, everyone moves away from Jammer (that's his nick-name), because he's so tall.   Parents of kids on the other team seem to question his age....(they really shouldn't question things so loudly...hello, I'm sitting right there!)

 But on his other team (the one his dad coaches) he's one of the little guys.  He's one of the youngest and it is obvious when he's out on the floor with the other guys.  I'm so thankful that he gets to experience both sides of the coin.  It helps build confidence and keeps him grounded all within a couple of days.  He likes both teams, loves both coaches and seems to genuinely enjoy being on both ends of the bench.
(here he is 'guarding' an opponent..with much trepidation!)

 Isn't that just like life?  In certain situations you find yourself as top dog and then you walk into another room and you're wondering whether or not you'll be able to manage.  I know I've got areas where I feel like the 'big guy'.  I have confidence and feel secure, and then there other places where I am definitely 'outplayed'.  It's those areas that keep me leaning on the Lord and looking to Him. I'm learning to give my successes to God as praise and with thanksgiving and to not shy away from them....because right around the corner, I find myself on my knees asking for courage and wisdom and direction.  Just like my guy and his two basketball teams.   I just wish I enjoyed both ends of the bench as much as he seems to!
(showing off his knee guard....it's cool to have extra gear!)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

jumping back in

I've been having a hard time getting to this space....obviously!  And after being gone for almost 2 months, I decided that I just needed to jump back in and start rolling with things again.  I have missed being here, and so my goal is to be a bit more purposeful about posting.  With that said though, I fully recognize that our family is in the middle of basketball season and things are just busy all around.  But if I'm being honest, they are always busy and I have realized that it's important for me to take some time here for reflection and sharing and recapping. (if for no one else but myself) So, I'm hoping to be back here more regularly.  I won't pigeon hole myself to a certain number of posts, but I know that as with everything in life, if you want something to happen you must be intentional about it.
 I've started back in with Project Life and my daily pictures are out on flickr.  The link is on the side bar.  I missed doing that last year, but I truly did need a change of pace and the year off from taking daily pictures was a good thing.  This is the year, my oldest graduates from high school and so big changes are on the horizon for her and for us...it will be a grand year to document!
I've been working on some cross stitch projects.  The finished snowman was actually completed last year and I finally got around to 'framing' it.  I followed the awesome directions on this blog!  I love the felt around the edges.   I followed the directions for the Felt Mounted Ornament.
I also found out that you shouldn't put your plastic shower curtain liner in the dryer!  I'm not sure why I even thought that was a good idea...but lesson learned!  I laughed so hard and then called my husband..."honey can you stop by Target on your way home and pick up a shower curtain liner?...I sort of shrunk ours!"  Who knew that plastic could shrink!  What a great way to start off the new year...learning always!

I hope your new year is off to a great start!  It's always exciting to begin a new chapter in life...here's to hoping this year is a page turner full of blessings and awesome memories!