Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Everything is sprouting and budding and reaching and blooming around here.  We've had a stretch of some nice weather and I've been stalking the yard, poking around and seeing what new beauties have popped their heads up.
I love this time of year, the bugs aren't bad and the humidity is low.  We brought the outdoor furniture up this past weekend and I've been enjoying my quiet time outside all week long. 
I enjoy having my morning time on the deck for as many months as I just feels like a sanctuary when I'm outside in the early morning hours.  The birds are singing, the trees are slowly swaying and for just a while, it's a piece of heaven.   
I've also been enjoying my pleated ballet flats.  They are so comfy and perfect for skitting about the house.  I've been toying with adding suede soles or puffy paint on the bottom for traction, but so far it's not been a problem to just wear them the way they are with nothing on the soles.  I run around all winter in my socks and this feels just the same to me.  Thanks to everyone with their help on my 'hole' issues.
It was the wraps that were tripping me up and this time when I came around to them on the heels, I hid them and all is good!  I knit this pair in Ella Rae classic wool and that was a great choice as they were experimental and I didn't want to screw up an expensive yarn.  So, far they have held their shape and aren't stretching out at all.  It may have been a good choice for durability too!  I barely used one skein and so I'm thinking that I could double the yarn on the soles for a bit of cushion and still get two pairs out of one skein.  I'll keep you posted...I've got another set on the needles now. 
Oh, and they fit perfectly in my crocs, which is what I keep by the door for slipping out into the yard when I feel the need to poke about!  I couldn't resist taking a garden shot while I was out traipsing the flower beds.  I checked to make sure my neighbors weren't around...that's all they'd need to see - me taking a picture of my slippered feet in the garden.  Well, I was so busy checking for my neighbors that I totally didn't notice the garter snake who slithered right by me in his hasty escape.  You should have seen me!  Now, that would have really given my neighbors something to talk about!  oh. my.  Have a great week friends and don't forget to check all your surroundings before attempting any photo shoots! 

Monday, April 18, 2011

this and that

I can't believe that it's been over a week since I've been in this space (almost two!)  - This is a busy season...we've been busy with baseball,
Mckenzie's junior high play (she was fabulous...simply fabulous),
 and Maggie's AAU basketball season. 
 It's been a whirlwind of activity.  I'm enjoying being present no matter where I find myself.  This is a new thing for me.  The calendar which has typically stressed me out is slowly losing it's fear factor.  Instead of worrying about what's coming next, I'm learning to enjoy where I am.  When I look ahead at all of the filled in squares, I breathe a prayer of thanksgiving for the abundant life with which we've been blesed.  
A couple of weeks ago, I found a bit of time to sew some spring mug mats.  You might remember that I made some of these back in December and they were a huge hit! 
I was in need of a spring one and so I made up a couple of extra ones for birthday and thank you gifts.  These are a great way to use of scraps and feel good about completing something. 
I am also hot on the heels (get it?! ) of finishing my pleated ballet flats.  I have one foot done and I've learned so much.  I LOVE knitting on two circular needles.  This is so much faster than trucking around on 4 double points.  Watch this video and you'll get the gist of how it works.  I'm always amazed by people who can blaze a new trail with knitting....I'm simply a trail follower. 
I still have a bit to figure out with these flats because on one side I keep getting 'holes' where I hide my wraps.  I'm not sure what is happening there, but I know when I figure it out, I'll have learned something else new in regards to knitting.  It's a good thing I'm working on these now in spring....I might have them figured out by fall just in time to knit up some Christmas gifts.  Sheesh. 
I have a couple of Lolas cut out waiting for some sewing time....but that's about it.  My creative time has been swallowed up with driving to practices and rehearsals and games....but that's ok.  I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!  I hope that wherever you are, you're able to enjoy the moments that make up your days!  Have a great week friends. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


a glimpse into our day.  today. 
We are working on school....that involves every room of the house.  John Samuel is doing math fact practice at the dining room table, Maggie is writing a speech in the school room and Mckenzie has been reading in the craft room, studying science in her bedroom and doing spelling in the dining room.  She doesn't stay still long enough for me to get her picture. 

Someone is being tempted by cookies....I did manage to capture Kenzie as she was trying to sneak a cookie.  She is my carb lover.  I've gotta keep the cookies hidden or she'll snarf them up.  We bought these sugar cookies yesterday and they are almost gone..

These are the kids current literature reads.  From top to bottom-Maggie, Mckenzie and Jammer.  We don't typically have all biographies going at the same time, it just worked out that way.  Maggie and Mckenzie are both taking literature classes and their books were assigned by their lit teacher.  John Samuel's was from his reading curriculum.  I'm currently reading The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd.  It's my next book for book club - I started it at baseball practice the other night, but didn't get very far. I kept getting distracted watching hitting and pitching practice. 
I've got dinner in the crock pot.  It's a chuck roast and the family will enjoy it without me.  Tonight is girl's night out!!  I'm meeting some friends for dinner and can hardly wait to see them all.  We try to get out once a month but we missed March and so it'll be fun to catch up with everyone over dinner. 

Molly is loving the sunshine.  She wants to be on the deck all day long, watching the squirrels and sniffing the air.  I don't blame her, I keep poking around the yard too, watching for the signs of new life in the flower beds.

I'm puzzling over the pattern for Pleated Ballet was written assuming that the knitter knows how to knit from two circular needles and how to do short rows and hide the wraps.  I do not know how to do either of those things.  I've been watching videos and looking up information on those techniques.  I will figure it out....I'm determined.  (I have to admit it's fun in a challenging sort of way) I'll keep you posted on my progress. 

I'm wishing I had a pussy willow tree...I bought these at the grocery store and I love them so much.  They are in a crock on my hearth.  Sometimes I find the kids picking off the little fuzzies....stinkers!
I hope that whatever is going on in your life today that you find yourself blessed by the ordinary beauty that surrounds you.