Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the clock is ticking....time's running short

School officially starts for us on Monday. (cue ominous music) I say officially, because we've started to ease into some of our subjects. Maggie started her Logic course yesterday and Mckenzie is going to start some of her history this week. I like easing into things....it makes the transition from vacation to school a little less jolting. As I've been looking at the calendar, I've taken stock of the projects that I have undertaken (either physically or mentally) within the past couple of weeks. I know that I won't finish them all before the clock strikes 8am on Monday. So for me, it's good to look at what is left and what will remain undone before reality hits. I'm easing into what is realistic.
Currently, here's my project lineup:

Painting the school room {I know I shouldn't have waited til the week before school starts!}
My log cabin scrappy quilt {the blocks are complete...now the quilt top needs to be sewn}
Provence Broken Rib Yoke sweater {this needs a new name...blah - but I'm loving the pattern}
some little zipper totes from Sew Pretty Homestyle {these will only take an hour or so to finish}
an autumn cross stitch that is ready to be started {but I'm not starting this until some others are done!}
girlfriend scarf {yarn purchased...nothing started}
textured shawl {yarn purchased...nothing started}
So, here's where I have to draw a line in the sand (for myself). I will finish the school room, probably today if not tomorrow. As for the remaining projects, I need to purpose that my school time with the kids is just that. school time. I'll pick up a project to work on in the evenings and on the weekends. I know my tendencies and if I'm not specific (and perhaps public) with my intentions I tend to lean towards picking up too many things and stretching myself in too many places. John and I were talking about that last night. He's so good at helping me stay within the bounds of what is sane for me. So these are my therapy projects as I head into autumn. Everyone needs therapy right? What's on your therapy list?


Kristyn Knits said...

therapy list...what a great description! thinking of it as adding to yourself instead of taking away. with a "to do" list, I tend to think get it done-now! with a therapy list, I could actually think get it done to fill myself up. another wonderful post.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

My therapy list has been cleaning things out to make room for autumn. Collecting lovely cozy recipes for fall and a quilt for my daughter :)

Coach said...

I am so delighted and blessed you are my wife and that, wow; you really did hear me last night. Because I know how you love the therapy list. You are so great at all you do. Go get them Teach and also do your therapy list!

Tracy said...

So much delicious crafting going on, Lisa! Crafting therapy is always a good thing when stressed. ;o) I admire your home schooling... If I could do school all over again, I'd have loved home school. Can I come over and play, I mean learn? ;o) Hope next week starts off a great school year and new challenges. Happy Days ((HUGS))

Ruth said...

Great post. I homeschool also. We are easing into school this week and next with a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. That will make it a bit easier. I tend to do the same myself and spread myself too thin. I have to remind myself constantly that school time is only for school time and focus on the kids.

Great post. Can't wait to see your great projects when they are completed.

I need therapy, too.


Stephanie said...

I love the way that sweater is knitting up, and the color is so rich. Your quilt looks like it will be very pretty too, can't wait to see your projects finished!

Have fun working on your to do list, it's a good list. :)

mark said...

i have also been dealing recently with my own tendency to be eager and willing to serve and do, but not nearly as consistent as i should be to seeing those "promises" all the way through. my eyes are bigger than my stomach.

sounds like you have a great plan, resolve and the essential support that you will need. with God, all things are possible! i will keep you in my prayers.

fromallstitchedup said...

Like you I have so many. When I quit my job I said nows the time to do... nothing has gotten done. But with the faint smell of fall in the air I am going to clean the kitchen drawers and cabinets, finish painting the upstairs hall,paint the bathroom when it is redone and remove wallpaper from the downstairs bathroom and repaint a fun color. Otherwise it's working on Cristmas presents. Now that I've typed it all it sounds like way too much - even for therapy.

Gigi said...

Oh my, you do have a lot on your dance card - whew! Glad to know you're 'pacing' yourself & sounds like you've got a great supportive hub there -- not so very common, I think?

cathleen said...

So many pretty projects, Lisa. I really enjoyed looking at all your beautiful WIPs. Except for the painting...I don't really enjoy that at all. But, my therapy list? Just to enjoy each and every day even if it is just a moment during all the busy activity with my granddaughters. Oh, and I just read what Coach said....I think he likes you!!!!!!

Heather said...

Wow, it looks like you are certainly getting ready for the coming school year. Those look like a lot of wonderful projects to enjoy.

Larissa said...

Lisa i love everything on your therapy list - how the colors came together in the quilt blocks! and that sweater has the coolest yoke! i admire you so for the manner in which you school your children. all those projects will get done because mom needs to nourish herself in order to give to the kiddos! oh, and the textured shawl is on my therapy list too!

Naturalearthfarm said...

What a great post. We also have eased into homeschooling over the past two weeks - first math, Bible study and literature. Monday we start back full time as well. Yes, I am also having to continually remind myself that the children are first and keeping stock of my in the works projects. That is what is wonderful about knitting. Sometimes knitting is possible even while reading a chapter book to the children or when I am able to just snatch a minute or two.
Best wishes in the coming week.

Journeying Five said...

i am feeling the post! we started easing into school this week. a little math, some agenda, some bible...getting things organized again. oh my word! what a job that was..three grades should be fun. like your projects on the horizon be sure to keep us posted on the results.