Wednesday, May 27, 2009

pure and simple

Just a quick survey of some of the things that I'm finding gratification in these days...pure and simple.
the peonies in my flower beds:: in full bloom
seeing my guy work hard::he made a poster for a party we had for the basketball team, all by himself (without being asked)
the flags waving on Memorial day:: each flag represents 5 soldiers who died in action at the Monocacy National Battlefield
long term knitting projects:: rusted root
short term sewing projects:: cloth napkins for our meals (muffins by kenzie)
seeing my girls enjoy being together:: listening to an ipod and sharing earphones having the windows open and enjoying the warm air:: molly likes it too reading a classic:: just for pleasure, but learning some things along the way

....What things are bringing you pleasure...pure and simple?


Kristyn Knits said...

your blog!
hearing "play ball" for the start of a new season.
unscheduled mornings.
knitting projects.

Christina said...

I love your photos. Your peonies are spectacular; I don't have any personally, but I've been enjoying sneaking peeks at other people's around town. Here are some other simple pleasures I've been enjoying:
~Playing with my son as he explores outside and discovers things like sprinklers and hoses.
~Finally getting to plant my flowers and vegetables.
~Picking out new house colors with my husband.
~Grilling with friends.
And the list goes on. ; )

larissa said...

Your rusted root looks great - you're so far along. I need to get knitting. I love that photo of your girls - sisters are the best.

Cat said...

Lovely photos! I'd have to say that your favorite pure & simple things are some of mine also, substituting my kid(s) for yours! (LOL) Your peonies are wonderful! I just love them; one of these days I'll have a bush or two.

The WoodLand School said...

Great photos that capture the weekend!

Things bringing me pleasure:: outdoor water play with my kids, minor league baseball, reading, knitting mittens, sewing gifts, planning for summertime road trips.

a friend to knit with said...

oh, i love this post.
yep. this post.
and your fantastic header!!!!

Heather said...

My peonies just started to open! I love going out to the garden every day and collecting fragrant flowers to brighten up our space with. Thanks for sharing

Sigrun said...

--your blog
--my peonies are just breaking the ground
--my newly-fall-planted strawberry patch survived the winter
--my children all have jobs
--I get to start the garden on Friday, unless we're too busy in the greenhouse
--the hummingbirds, finches, grosbeaks, breezes and gentle rains

Journeying Five said...

-fresh air
-grass between my toes
-putting my feet up
-my husband and children

I also like your book, been a long time since i read it, should read it again.

beki said...

I'm so jealous of your peonies! I wish we could grow those down here.

cathleen said...

Hi Lisa...lovely peonies...mine are just about ready to open. I enjoyed your pure and simple list. I am so enjoying my blooming garden. I read that same book about 20 years ago...great book! The lemon balm tea, you asked about? Pick a couple of leaves...rub them in your fingers a little to bruise them, grab your favorite mug, then put the leaves in a litte tea strainer, pour boiling water over and let stand for 5 minutes...then sip away...very soothing!!!

skeinsherway said...

Seeing the strawberry patch spread across the back field...
Apple trees in blossom...
Kids with popsicles...

Philigry said...

love this post. great pictures. rusted root is going to be awesome!

Mary said...

I think looking at all the green is nice and I actually enjoy the thunderstorms when inside a cozy house.