Tuesday, January 29, 2013

cabled headband

Our weather here has been crazy.  Just yesterday we had ice and freezing rain in the morning and today the high was 67!  So this new cabled headband that I knit will have to wait until Friday when the high temp is forecast to be 30. I originally saw it on Thimbleanna's blog and I loved it.  The pattern is a freebie and it is a quick and easy knit.   If you're new to cables, this would be a great pattern for learning how to cable.
You knit the entire piece flat and then sew the ends together to form the band.  I had some leftover yarn from my Diamond Cable Gilet so you could definitely knit this with some leftover yarn and use up some of your stash.
Thanks to Maggie for being my model....she's a sweetie!  She's eating a chocolate chip cookie in that picture....can you tell? Anyways, I hope your week is going along smoothly (weather aside) and that you have time to steal a chocolate chip cookie or two!


From All Stitched Up said...

I like the headband and the chocolate chip cookie idea. Which one first? I agree the weather certainly is crazy.

Larissa said...

The weather has been crazy - but all was forgiven when the sun and warmth came out today! Love this headband. So mach better than a hat for walking because my head is never cld but my ears are freezing. Your girl is a beautiful model and i love that she's eating a cookie - no point wasting time just standing there looking pretty!

Kristyn Knits said...

Cute! Cute! You're making yourself an entire ensemble in that yarn. What a great investment you made. xoxo

no spring chicken said...

Beautiful.. thanks for the pattern link. Free is my favorite price, and patterns that can be knit from the left-over stash.. win,win!

Blessings, Debbie