Tuesday, February 3, 2009


(I don't normally blog about the Warriors basketball teams, as I write a blog specifically for the teams, but I couldn't help but share this one!)

Last night our basketball teams (middle school boys, middle school girls, and varsity girls) all traveled to Winchester, VA for a triple header. That's an hour and a half traveling time one way for us. But it was so worth it. We ended up with three wins but the real victory that I heard about on the way home was even sweeter. Our Varsity girl's team was the last to play and our girls were up considerably on the other team. (Trust me, we weren't expecting this-the other team was sizable). In the second half of the fourth quarter (that's near the end of the game for all you non basketball readers) the other team was really frustrated. You could tell they were getting angry about the impending loss. Our Coach called a time out and told our girls that they were going to see a lot of "frustration fouls". The other team was losing badly and our girls were going to most likely take the brunt of it with cheap fouls. (which they did) He encouraged them to be ready and when they were fouled to just get back up and keep on playing. Coach said, "Show them Christ...don't allow them to make you mad, don't react, just get back up and keep playing." I was so impressed with his coaching and our girl's ability to do just that. There was no pushing back or nasty comments from our girls. They just set their faces like flint and walked it out! They won double last night. We're playing basketball to win but we're also crafting character in the lives of these girls and last night much fruit was seen! Go Warriors!

What a great reminder for all of us, as my dear friend Kristyn pointed out: Forgive those frustration fouls that pop up in your day get back up and move on. Reflect Christ!


Kristyn Knits said...

yeah!! victory!!
even more important than the score...the victory in their hearts. and what a great reminder for us adults- quickly forgive the frustration fouls of our day, get back up and move on.

mark said...

i am thinking of the sports phrase ... a win for the ages. i am confident this specific road trip, the unexpected result, and most importantly the challenge given and the challenge met, will have an enduring impact in the lives of each of the warrior girls. i am so inspired by their strength of character, and their submission to God. what a great example of coaching, but how much harder to show Christ on the court while absorbing the undeserved and unfair contact. way to go warriors!!

ali said...

What a wonderful growing experience. Those girls are already ahead of the curve- most adults these days don't know how to walk away or turn the other cheek. Yay for good character!