Saturday, January 31, 2009

a dozen years!

Our baby girl turned 12 today! Happy Birthday sweet Mckenzie! We love you so much and are so excited about the wonderful young lady you are growing up to become. Continue to follow Jesus all your days and keep that sweet spirit're such a delight.

Here are a dozen tid bits about our Kenzie girl that make her so delightful:

*She is usually the first one of the kids awake in the morning and she has to eat right away!!! She's been known to power down 7 pancakes at one sitting.
*She loves babies (some call her a baby hog) and she is going to make the best babysitter!
*Mckenzie plays point guard on the Warriors (second string) and she has the best up and under pass of anyone on the team!
*She is a sewer of the highest quality! She made this dog pillow last year.
*She loves pink!

*Her heart has always been drawn to music...she's a quiet worshipper.
*Her favorite thing to do in her free time is to be on the computer playing Webkinz...she has 25 Webkinz!
*When it comes to school work she always does her reading assignments first....math usually gets saved for last.

*Kenzie always has her nails painted...often in very colorful hues.
*She might seem quiet and shy at first, but she has the wittiest sense of humor...she always has us laughing.
*I often find pajamas under her pillow....pajamas that I'd like to wash!
*She is reading through the book of John right now in her quiet time.

Oh and one more: She is the kind of daughter any mom and dad would want. We love you Z! Happy Birthday!


Kristyn Knits said...

happy birthday Z!
we celebrate the beautiful young lady you're growing into! we always enjoy our time with you, and we look forward to making many more memories with you.
have a blessed day!

mark said...

i am reading the book of john in my quiet time too, kenz! we love you like you were our daughter, and we so bad wish we could be with you today! happy birthday girl!

amanda said...

Happy Birthday McKenzie!
Hope you have a fantastic day!

Ellen said...

What a nice tribute. Sweet Girl! They are all growing up so fast.

Katie will be graduating next year. Can you believe that?

Happy Birthday McKenzie.