Tuesday, December 23, 2008

wrapping it up!

Thanks for all the sweater love. Your words made me beam. Honestly. Thanks for taking the time to leave such sweet, thoughtful comments. You all are great!

Just like at your house, things here are busy as we finish the holiday preparations, tape up the last of the presents, bake cookies and finish checking off our lists.
In the midst of the "got to do stuff" we went to some friend's house to decorate gingerbread houses. They had some kind of set up. They've been doing this for about a zillion years and they have it down to a science. Our hostess had stations set up for everyone to work on their gingerbread house. Since it was our first time being invited they made our gingerbread house pieces (from scratch) for us. All total they made 16 batches of gingerbread. Next year we bring our own! The entire time we were decorating, our hostess was making royal icing. She kept whipping up batches of icing and filling bags with tips for us to use. Everyone (there were about 22 people) quickly got into the construction and decorating of their homes. It was so much fun. Since everyone brought candy to share there were plenty of choices. The houses all turned out so unique and so creative. We were so excited to have been invited! We had a blast! Thanks to the P's for the great day!do you notice the mailbox on the right side? so cute!

these rock candies were so fun.

I've also finished the last of the hand knits that we're giving as gifts! Isn't that a song..."The last hat of Christmas"? Anyways...these are ready to be wrapped and sent to my nephews. You can find the details here.

Aren't these tags cute? I'm not sure my nephews (all teenage boys) will appreciate them the way I know you all will. I found them last year as a pdf on the web. I'll keep looking to see if I can find them... and then I'll post the link.

Tonight, coach will deliver these ornaments for his players. They were so easy and fun to make. If you have any last minute bulk gifts to do...go get yourself a paint pen and some ornaments, add a bow and you're done!

We've delivered our gifts to the neighbors and we're enjoying all that Christmas brings with it. I read this morning in my quiet time how we need to take the time to give a gift to ourselves this holiday season. It's not a selfish thing to think about gifting ourselves. Perhaps you need the gift of some quiet so you can reflect on the meaning of the season. Or maybe you need the gift of a reconciled relationship, or some time with a friend. Take time for yourself these last few days before Christmas...allow yourself to be blessed. By giving yourself gifts of peace and joy, you're allowing God to bless you with His grace and you're allowing Him to take care of you. Whatever your day looks like, I hope it is a blessed one! Merry Christmas!


Mary said...

Love the houses, hats, and ornaments. You get so much accomplished when do you sleep?

Christina said...

Lovely gifts, lovely post. May your Christmas be filled with both joy and peace.

(Oh, and I do fully appreciate the adorable and artistic tags!) ; )

Liz said...

Those gingerbread houses look amazing. Pretty impressive that they do so many...

Kristyn Knits said...

hey girl, I'm with Mary...when do you sleep?
love the warrior ornaments! what a special gift!
amazing gingerbread houses. they're always on my list, but never seem to be important enough to finish. yours look great! the hats turned out perfect. I just realized I'm going to need to find some new words to describe your work. I use great, awesome, and love too much.
merry christmas!