Wednesday, December 3, 2008

happy tired

Today finds me tired but happy. Too many late nights and early mornings...Our friends from Michigan came and spent some time with us after Thanksgiving. What a great way to kick off the holiday season. We had a wonderful visit. Whenever we're all together we try to cram as much visiting and activity into the time. There's always so much to catch up on and when the visit is over there's still more we wish we had time to do. I think that's good. We're always sad to say "see you later". God has been so good to bless us with friends that are "more like family than friends". Here are some of my favorite 'snippets' from our visit.
I'll be back soon with some projects and other things to share so be sure to check back in....for now I've got to get caught up on some things around here. The laundry pile is calling my name!!


Kristyn Knits said...

love the new header!

we're also "happy tired" and sad. more sad at this point than tired. Spencer couldn't sleep last night...lots of friendship tears were being shed missing his best buds!

how comfortable and safe it is to be in the company of your best friends, where being YOU is celebrated, accepted, and loved. thanks for making us feel so cherished and welcomed!

love you girl!

Daniela said...

I love your Christmas banner!!!
It's the first time I come here, nice to meet you!! :-)