Thursday, October 2, 2008

heads up!

After finishing Those Mitts, I had about a half skein of gray yarn left. That half of a skein needed to be used up! I love finishing up things, it's such a challenge. So, I found this great hat pattern that looked to be the perfect solution. In the middle of knitting, I realized that I would have to use another color in order to be able to complete the hat. So, I introduced a blue stripe...a really wide blue stripe, and then went back to the gray. Well, as you can see I had to then go back to blue because my gray ran out. But of course no one else will know that it wasn't planned that way from the beginning. It turned out really cute and it is so warm and comfortable. It fits my daughter (who is modeling it) and my husband as well. I think this will be for my nephew who is in college. I like that it's a yarn that is machine washable. (not everyone cares for handknits the way we knitters do, especially college students) He has two that means I already have a way to finish up the blue yarn I started for this hat. And of course, that will mean I'll have another color to finish up for my third nephew's you see where this is heading? This could go on for quite a while!

The scoop:

Pattern: Pro Bono by Angela Fagen

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease in Denim and Gray

Needles: Size 10 circular and dpns for the decrease section

Size: I cast on 88 stitches for the adult size.

Mods: I knit using 2 strands of yarn and started my decreases at 7 inches. I also knit an extra k2tog round right before finishing off.

For: my nephew for Christmas


Life in the Bizzy Lane said...

sounds like you are going to be busy!

Kristyn Knits said...

love it! can't wait to try it! seems like that's mantra these days "wait to try it". Gotta get a few things done around here.