Wednesday, November 26, 2008

should be...

I should be chopping celery and onions and making cranberry sauce but I got a bit distracted. Two of my friends just had momentous birthdays. They both live far away so I had to send a special card.
The inside of the card says..."looks good on you! Happy Birthday!" These were so easy to make that I got a little carried away. I always liked spelling in school, using chipboard letters makes it even more fun.
I have a zillion more ideas: happy, sweet, jingle, ho ho ho....but I must get back to work on more pressing matters. If you're wanting a quick card this holiday go to Joann's and pick up these:Even though the box says "Christmas", the colors could be used anytime of the year. If you use your 40% off coupon, you've really got a good deal. I used chipboard letters and scraps of paper to add some more fun. Have fun creating. Oh and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Ellen said...

Thanks for a great idea. Those cards are so nice!

I was surprised to see another entry so soon, especially right before the 'big day'. But who am I to say anything, cause I have a lot to do too, and we all slept in till 10:00 this morning!

Renna said...

Those cards are darling. I love the idea of personalized cards, but have never entered that area of crafting before.

I live in a small town with no JoAnn's, no Michael's, no Hobby Lobby, boo hoo hoo. :-(

I do watch for JoAnn's free shipping offers this time of year, though! :-)