Thursday, October 25, 2012


 I love the idea of journaling, but I struggle with the consistency of it.  My problem lies in the fact that I want to record too much.  I will start off strong for a while journaling pages every day and then I just can't keep up with it.  I burn myself out and then I quit, only to start up again.  Well, I found a journal that seems to be helping me stay consistent.
I purchased this journal from paper coterie about a month ago.  It's one that you customize yourself.  You drop your photos in and add quotes and sentiments that just speak to your heart.   It's pretty and personal.

It has about 5 lines set aside for each day for journaling or listing.  It's been tricky trying to condense my thoughts into 5 lines, but what I've found is that because I'm being less wordy...I've actually stuck with it!
Yeah for consistency!! I'm still figuring out what exactly to record each day, but I'm learning.  For example, I don't need to write that we did school each day...that's a given, but I do want to remember the triple that my boy hit in the baseball game or the fun that the girls and I had shopping for clothes!
I use these fun colorful pens and it's like I'm recording a rainbow.  One of my kids opened the journal up the other day and you could hear the ohhs and ahhhs.  Gotta love that!  And that pencil pouch that I made for the girls and I this fall is perfect for holding all my pens!   So, do you journal?  How do you make it work for you?


Tracy said...

LOVELY journal, Lisa... And I love those rainbow pens! I journal in color too--gotta have my rainbow pens! I journal in simple spiral notebooks, I jazz up the covers with collage, etc. I don't write daily, but I do write in 2-3 times per week, and I like this, it works for me. I used to do a daily gratitude-type journal, but haven't done one like that for a while. I journal about whatever strikes me, I write out anything! I used to keep a photo album after hubby & I go married and did that with some journaling for a couple years or so. But we don't have children, and I think than made me lose some momentum with that. All our photos are digital now too-so they live on the computer primarily. haha... Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

Wendi said...

I have the same problem with journaling. I love this idea! I think one of these journals will have to go on my Christmas wish list!
I enjoyed seeing your colored pens also. I didn't even know that they still make that brand! They bring back a lot of memories for me. My step-father was a college professor, and he used those same colored pens with the 'star' on top for grading papers. They were a part of my chldhood!
The pencil pouches are adorable. Oh, if I only had the time to make everything that I'd like to!

Kristyn Knits said...

How fun! Can't wait to see the entire book in person! Love all those personal photos!! Keep it up.

Kristyn Knits said...

How fun! Can't wait to see the entire book in person! Love all those personal photos!! Keep it up.

Lap Dog Knits said...

I don't journal,,,I suppose my blog is as close as I come to recording life's events

I love the organization of your's, fun, colorful, neat

I say keep it up...a wonderful use of your time!!

Christina said...

How wonderful! I use my blog as my journal. (A Homemaker's JOURNAL...haha) So far it's been the only place I've managed to be relatively consistent with journaling.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful journal! Yes I keep a diary, and have done more or less since the age of 8 (is this a good thing or not? I don't know!). I don't write every single day, though I feel better when I do. When I can't write in my diary I write wee notes about what I want to write when I have a chance to catch up. My diary is nowhere near as visually appealing as yours, though sometimes I put little images in a blank book (things for example from catalogues or exhibition adverts) before I start to fill it up. I often have recourse to my diary when I need to remember what happened when, etc. But mostly it just helps me empty my mind of worries and thoughts before the end of every day - including writing down the lovely things that have happened. So 5 lines would never do me! :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't journal, but these posts have been giving me the itch to start.

Now I've just got to find the time.

Larissa said...

How wonderful that you journal each day. Your journal looks so fun and happy. Don't know why but I thought you were taking a break from blogging - so fun to catch up with you and your family.

Maggie is 18 - how awe some is that! Congratulations! And I LOVE that she wanted a bear. You have done such an amazing job with your children. The years to come with her as your daughter/friend/confidant will be amazing. Thinking of you! Larissa

no spring chicken said...

I love it! It's like blogging but you can hold it.. :) Love the pencil pouch too. I always leave here inspired!

Blessings, Debbie