Friday, October 12, 2012

insta friday

Happy Friday!  I'm linking up my Instagram pics with Jeannett!  These are from the last 2's been busy!  We've been visiting colleges and watching baseball games and knocking out some really good school work.  Hope your weeks are going wonderfully!

 My first born turned 18 at the end of September.  We celebrated her special day all weekend long!  I can't even believe she is 18!  That just sounds so grown up...which she is. She's a terrific young woman.  She loves the Lord and is teachable, kind and so fun to be around.
 She's also still a kid a heart because this bear is what she asked for as a birthday gift!  He is 53 inches tall and he took up my entire grocery cart at Costco.  I had some hilarious conversations with people as I pushed him through the store.  She named him Bubba Griz.
 My brother took all the September birthdays (my mom, my honey and Maggie) and the rest of us out to lunch at one of our favorite downtown restaurants.  The cousins bonded over technology.  It was a fun time just visiting with family and being together.  We don't get to do that nearly enough.

Maggie got glasses. She noticed that her eyes were straining when she was in her college English class...good thing I took her, she's a bit near sighted.  

 I had a bit of time one afternoon and I cut into my fall fabric bundle....sometimes just a bit of creativity is all I need to brighten my mood!
 I'm teaching this year outside of our home.  I teach a history class on Thursday mornings and I just love it!  I've got 10 kids in my class and they are all so wonderful.  We took our first quiz last week and they were quite serious about it.  The girls all put up binders to shield their work from 'cheaters'.  The boys, they didn't seem to care....I kept a closer eye on them! ;)
 My sweet friend and I met for coffee and breakfast....I needed it so badly.  Sometimes a friend and a good cup of coffee is just what you need!
 Here's a sneak peek at my new fall table runner...I stayed home last Friday night and got in some much desired sewing time.  It really was fun.  I listened to Pandora and sewed all evening...with the windows open and the crickets singing in the background.  heavenly!
 My guy is turning into a baseball player.  He just loves it (He's on the left with the black batting glove on).  The dugouts have been pretty nasty lately.  A homeless person has been residing in them and doing other yucky things in there.  The boys hung out on the bleachers with us during the last game. It was fun to see them interacting and just being boys.  
My girl Mckenzie is a chemistry whiz....I was so not sure about how she was going to do in Chemistry this year...I was a bit nervous.  But, she has really applied herself and she is doing great!  We are bonding over significant figures and specific heat and calorimetry problems.  So proud of her!!!

Well....that's the run down of the last two weeks.  I'll be back soon with some sewing and a peek at my new journal!  Have a great weekend friends!


Christina said...

Whew! Sounds fun and busy! I'm usually in the middle of fun and busy too, but my fun and busy looks a bit different than yours since I'm hanging with the preschool crowd instead of the cool high- and middle-schoolers. : )

From All Stitched Up said...

What great fun! I love the runner. Happy Birthday to all. I think it's amazing how busy fall has been and October is almost half over. Everything goes so fast.

Mary said...

Happy birthday to her! The new eyeglasses look great and I love the bear. Hope you are well.

Anonymous said...

A very happy birthday to Maggie. She looks great in her specs! It sounds as if you've made the very most of the past few days. I'm glad you included some time to do things you enjoy and meet your friend.

Tracy said...

Wow... so much good happening there now for you & the family. Happy 18 to your girl... wow... 18! LOVE the sparkly blue numbers on the cake. ;o) Maggie's glasses are wonderful--they suit her pretty face. Let the good times roll there! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Kristyn Knits said...

Your life is full of blessings each and every week. Love that Jammer is liking baseball. That makes his aunt kristyn happy!