Friday, September 30, 2011

in my line of sight

Thanks for all your well wishes on my eye wear!  I'm making progress, slowly but surely.  I had to laugh on Sunday when our Pastor's message was about vision...don't you know I'm apparently enrolled a series about life lessons for those needing vision correction!

Speaking of sight, I finally changed the scenery around here and we are in full Autumnal mode.  In other words, I decorated for fall.  Here's a peek:
entry way wreath from TJ Maxx - last year.  I left the kids in the car while I ran in to get it, and when I came out, the car wouldn't start...dead battery!  They'd played the radio and drained the battery...I swear I was in and out in under 15 minutes! honest.
hand stitched pillow- made by me several years ago
my new acorn cookie was just too perfect to pass up! (another TJ Maxx find)
this little guy, made by a friend is peeking out of a willow basket in our main bathroom
the living room mantle...still tweaking this one...but that's how I evolves over time!
I love scarecrows for autumn...this guy is on a shelf in our kitchen.  The candle is from Tonya, I can't bring myself to burn it, it's so pretty!
the dining room hutch...this changes too...depending on my mood.  I like it. for now.
Here's my new lamp that I bought to cozy up the kitchen. My sister in law had one on her counter when we stayed in her beach house and I adored the look that it cast around the room.  But I'd like for you to weigh in -which shade do you like better?  It came with the drum shade (#1) and I had the burlap shade (#2)....I think I need a softer bulb for sure. 
Well, that's my view around are things looking at your house?  No matter the view, I hope your focusing on the blessings in your life!  Happy Fall!


Kristyn Knits said...

LOVING all the sights around your house! I hope to pull out a few fall things of my own this weekend...finally! I'm thinking I need to find a minimal stitching project like your pumpkin pillow (maybe you still have a pattern you'd share?). Not sure about the shade...I'm thinking view #1. I love the idea of soft light coming from the kitchen. I always think I need a spool light when I come home from your house. Have a great weekend my friend. hello to all!

notes of sincerity said...

I love all your fall touches!! :o)

I am having a little give a way.
Would you like to drop by? :o)

hugs. Trish

Debi said...

Your post reminded me that if I don't get a move on and decorate for fall it will be time to decorate for Christmas! I love your pillow, so simple but elegant. I vote for the burlap shade, I'm not a real fan of drum shades.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Burlap shade! That's my vote! And your house looks so cozy and inviting. It looks like you may have a little addiction with TJ Maxx. Speaking from experience, it can be dangerous walking in there -- ours is right next to Michael's, so it's a double whammy when I shop there.

no spring chicken said...

Your house looks great! I especially LOVE the acorn jar... and as for the lamp. They both look terrific but I think that I prefer the drum shade. :)

Blessings, Debbie

wayside wanderer said...

Oh, love your fall decor. I need some of my own, as I don't have anything for inside the house. I did buy two HUGE pumpkins and some burgundy mums that I put out front. And mulch for the flower bed. That counts right?

I'm leaning toward burlap. Especially for fall!

Andi said...

Love fall and all your decorations! Reminds me I need to get on putting mine out!

Gigi said...

Your fall decorations are so cute and happy making! I just the cheery little scarecrows. I finally got DH to drag my fall things down from the attic and have mine done too - happy to say!
Love the new lamp, but I like both shades, so I'm no help. I have to say I do love burlap though, so if I had to choose, it would probably be that one. Maybe just keep both and change them out from time to time ;)?

LisaL said...

Beautiful decorations. Hhhmmmm, I think the burlap--

Anonymous said...

Great decorations! I prefer the burlap, by the way. Oh and yes, still focusing (or trying to) on the blessings over here. How funny that the sermon was about vision!

Tracy said...

Your house is so homey & stylish, Lisa! I love your autumn decorating touches! That pumpkin pillow is wonderful. I miss fall decorating. Living overseas is great most of the time. But we don't have the most colorful autumns here, and there's no one who does autumn decorating much. Such fall touches are hard to come by in the stores. I should just make my own... Now there's a thought! ;o) LOL.. Happy to be here and see what you've been doing. And glad the progressives are going better. Happy Days ((HUGS))

Lee Ann said...

I love all of your Fall touches. So homey and heartwarming.

Thank you for sharing and inspiring :)

Anonymous said...

Definitely counting my blessings!

Love all your fall decorations. Your house looks so very cozy.

I like the burlap shade for sure!

Happy Fall, Ya'll!~Jan

Kimberly said...

Such fun autumn decor - I just adore that pillow. I made an acorn wreath this year and now want to make so many fun decorations. You've got a nice set of inspiration. :)

Gloria said...

Beautiful Fall decorating! Very cozy and warm. I like the burlap shade better myself. I also like your stitched pillow. So sweet and simple. I am sure it still took time to make though...:)I love your cookie jar. I can see why that would be hard to pass up!

Have a wonderful day!!


Ruth said...

I love all the autumn touches in your home. It looks beautiful.


Stephanie said...

Your house looks so warm and inviting and I love the bead board wall in your living room!