Tuesday, January 6, 2009

thoughts and plans

I'm never short on projects that I want to do. I always have a list that I've got going, either in my mind or even possibly on paper. My projects are my therapy. They give me an outlet for all my creative energy. Like Leslie's friend says, "They keep my lid on tight." Right now though, I've got nothin'. Really. Nothing major. I think I know why...

As I started the new year, I made a list in my journal of the priorities that I needed to keep during the year. You know, the things that are non negotiable....
  • making sure that I cultivate my relationship with the Lord through my quiet time and study
  • being a good, attentive wife (which does take time you realize),
  • being a good, attentive mother
  • keeping school as a focus (ton of weekday time here!)
  • keeping the house (which includes cleaning, organizing, meals, grocery shopping, laundry...- some of this is delegated, but still one of my priorities)
  • being a good friend (daughter, aunt, sister,godmother) who takes the time to be interested and involved

I'm hoping my list will keep me accountable. That if one or more of the areas on my list starts to slide, I'll adjust my time and attention & get things back into order. See, I have a tendency to let my projects get the best of me...the best of my time and my attention and then I'm not my best for the really important things in my life, like my family and my friends. I get satisfaction in checking things off my list...you can't check off relationships. So, as John and I were taking a walk and talking the other day I asked him to help me keep things in check. You know not get out of whack with my to do list. He's good at helping me see what I can handle and what I just need to let go of. I can say no and I can cross things off my list...I just need help sometimes in order to be able to let something go.

Now, I do have a tangible list of things that I also want to keep up with in the new year and they include, but aren't limited to: (see that loophole there...I've got to be careful)

  • blogging
  • sewing
  • knitting
  • scrap booking, card making
  • gardening
  • photography

These are my creative outlet things...but I've got to remember that they come secondary to my non-negotiable list. I just need to keep things in the right order. right?!

In the meantime, I still have this cross stitch thing I want to lose finish and I'm working on my Project 365. So I'm a bit reluctant to get myself into too many other projects. I do need to get a new knitting project going though and I mentioned this to John. He replied with, "I thought you weren't adding any new projects?" Hello. I meant, I'm not going to start spinning my own yarn and dying it. I have to have a knitting project for all these long distance basketball games we're going to be traveling to! Well, I'm off to work on dinner and look on Ravelry for a new knitting project. Here's to a great new year full of all the important things in life!


Kathy said...

Happy Happy New year to You. Happy Pattern Hunting. She who Stitches is Withest the Lord.

mark said...

"you can't check off relationships" ... now there is another thing that you have said that no one could have said any better. you are blessed with talent, and a giving spirit, and those are a 1+2 that equals the three of "projects". but at the same time your God, and your husband are the 1+2 that equals the three of being grounded and fulfilled in the midst of exercising your gifts. it is obvious that you love both completely, so continue to grow those relationships and go confidently into this year. it is amazing when you get those two right, how so much else in your life blooms like it's been hit with miracle grow.

Wool Winder said...

The key is to keep it all in balance. That's what I'm working on this year.

Mary said...

What did you pick? Sorry it didn't work out for this week to do some crafting. Let's definitely try another Friday afternoon.

Kristyn Knits said...

what a wonderful post. keeping the most important in focus, so they're not lost to the unimportant.