Sunday, November 2, 2008

hello november

How did we end up in November? October went by in a blur. The weather man said that this weekend the autumn colors would be at their peak. He sure was's been glorious. But somehow in the midst of all this beauty, I totally missed October slipping by. It's easy to be distracted by such outrageous displays of God's handiwork. Perhaps that really isn't a distraction at all....
Anyways, yesterday morning, I realized that because it was already November, I was late with my monthly quote gift. Let me explain...this year for two of my friend's birthdays I gave them a quote holder and the promise of quotes all year long. The quote holder is one of those huge wooden clothespins. They can clip the quote in their clothespin holder and display it throughout the month. So each month I make them a quote to display in their quote holder. Usually the quotes are seasonal and I get them in the mail before the next month begins. I am late this month. Sorry guys! The quotes are going in the mail today. Here's the quote you are getting for November:
And because we're heading into a busy time of year, I went ahead and did December's too. So depending on how you look at it, I'm either late or ahead of schedule.
It's been a fun gift to give. (It would make a great Christmas gift if you're starting to think about people on your gift list) I hope they've enjoyed it as much as I have. Here's a couple of the other quotes that have been sprinkled throughout the year. (Thanks Kristyn for taking these pictures for me! Love you girl!)


Kristyn Knits said...

this has been such a special gift! I have my clip next to my sink, so I look at it every day and think of you. I agree...this would be a great gift. can't wait to get my new quote-they're awesome!

The pictures of your property make me long for a stay with you. the calmness, the quiet, the freedom the kids have...longing to be with you!

love ya back girl.

Wool Winder said...

What a great gift idea!

Ellen said...

Ah, your blog is so refreshing and
always gives me a 'lift'. I always look forward to logging on and seeing the sweet, thoughtful, and creative things that you have to share! (not to mention the great photography!)

Love, Ellen