Friday, September 7, 2012


Well, it's taken me all day to get to this...but that's OK, because it's still Friday and I'm sharing my Instagram pics from the last week (actually the last two weeks).  I'm linking up with Jeannett at Life Rearranged!
 In the mornings I do my quiet time out on the deck...still having good weather, so I'm still out there and so is my ever faithful Molly girl.  She sits in one of the chairs and keeps me company!
 I'm teaching a class this fall called "Forming of America" for 4-6th graders.  My little guy is my guinea pig...I'm running it all through with him first to get his 'take' on things.  He'll be in art class during the actual class time (it's an academy that we go to once a week) but he's getting to do it with me at home.  He takes his role as consultant very seriously especially after I told him I would show his work to the kids as my example!  He was thrilled about that!
 The girls went in the for their yearly physical...only 4 years late!  There were some hilarious moments! They both got four shots...yikes!  Don't they look adorable in their paper gowns!?!
 This has been my afternoon snack all week long...fresh peaches and cottage cheese!  Yum!
 We spent last Saturday on the lake with our friends at their lake was so much fun!  We went knee boarding and tubing.  These are the kids jumping off the lake house roof into the water.
My sister in law is in the process of rearranging their house.   One of the upstairs bedrooms was stacked full of deer heads....kinda freaky!
 I had Maggie sit down in the room for a was totally unplanned for those antlers to be right behind her head!  We laughed so hard!
 It is awesome having a teenage driver! They can pump the gas, while you check instagram!  This was on our way to the local community college to get a look at where her class was going to be held...she's a senior in high school but is getting a taste of college by taking English 101.  So far, she loves it!
 My sweet friend made me a set of coasters a while ago...I put them out for the beginning of school and every time I see them, they make me smile!  Hope your week ends with something that makes you smile too!


Evelyne said...

Great snapshots. Agree with the deer heads a bit freaky.

Christina said...

Love your snapshots of everyday life!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. I won't ask how all those deer heads got in that room, but the photo of your daughter with antlers is very funny.

Tracy said...

LOVELY slice of life is this, Lisa...Although, those deer heads did give me the creeps...eeekkkk! And so many of them??!! I won't ask...LOL! Your coasters are so sweet. Those would make great holiday gifts! Happy Days ((HUGS))

wayside wanderer said...

Love it! My doggie sits on my porch with me during my quiet time, too. I only have two chairs out there so sometimes when another person sits with me he gets miffed. :)

From All Stitched Up said...

We have lots of antlers - thankfully not so many heads. Learning to drive and pumping gas - luckily we only have to drive. I have not mastered pumping gas yet. I love seeing what you are up to.

Kristyn Knits said...

great glimpses into your life, lisa. the deer heads are not my favorite. Love Jammer's new role as mentor. have a great week! xoxo