Monday, September 24, 2012


How did we hit the end of September already!?!  I swear it's only been about three days since I last posted!  I guess that's what happens when there is so much going on.  And we've had a lot going on...but I know everyone does!  This will be a catch up post and I'll be back later in the week with some sewing that was done a lonnnng time ago, but I never got around to posting about.  It seems like I'm not pulling out my big camera too often lately.  But thankfully my love of instagram has gotten me recording some of our busy-ness with my cell phone.  So here's the last two weeks+ of what's been going on!

 The girls and I got some shopping time was so fun to have a day to look and try on and just be goofy together.  We were supposed to be heading to Jammer's baseball game, but because of rain it got cancelled!  The girls were just a bit tickled about that fact!
We stopped at Panera for lunch and my mother in law joined us for the second leg of shopping.  Mckenzie, Mamaw and I could have kept on going, but we lost Maggie after about 3 hours...she just doesn't have the shopping stamina that the rest of us do!
 Our wonderful "neighbor" has opened up a local shop and she sells the best produce and baked goods...she dropped some by for us to sample!  If you're in the area, stop by her'll love what you find there!
 I found a tiny bit of time one afternoon to sit and knit.  I started the Textured Shawl and after some starts and stops, I finally figured it out...It's the perfect football game knitting!
 Our washing machine of 19 years finally bit the dust.  We got this monster to replace it!  My dad showed up and peeked in at it.  He thought he might just be able to take a shower in it, it is so big!  As I look at this picture, I realize I need to hang something pretty over that icky gray fuse box door.  Hmmm...
 So thankful for good coaches in our son's life!  He's playing fall ball (fall baseball for Little League) and is loving it!  He is learning so much!  He's playing up in the majors division and I'm amazed at his fearlessness.  Some of those boys are so big and they pitch so fast!
 My September Word Play finally arrived (yeah!)....with September halfway over (boo!)  It's stitched on  35 count linen with one strand of floss.  I need to be outside in the direct light in order to see what I'm doing.  Not thinking this is getting finished this know what I mean!?
 I ordered this awesome journal for keeping track of our's so fun!  I'll post about this soon too!
 My mom had to go in for a heart cath...they were checking her arteries.  She went to Washington Hospital Center and everyone there was super nice and friendly.  All is good and she got a great report from her doctor!  We were praising the Lord for His goodness!
 The next day, Maggie and I headed out for a college visit.  Her friend Abby came too and we stopped at this fun sandwich place called Which was really good!  I stayed one night and did some important parent stuff and then left them for the weekend!
It was a good visit and exciting to see all of the wonderful opportunities that are available to students!  We'll keep praying and visiting and waiting to see where God will direct.  This was the convocation assembly we attended on Friday.  The place was packed with students worshipping the Lord and soaking up the message.  It was incredible.

So...that about does it...hope your days are filled to the brim with good things!  I'll be back later in the week with some sewing.  Have a great start to your week!


Stephanie said...

Looks like your days have been filled! And with so many good things. We're justing waiting for our washer or dryer to one day bite the dust and then we will be getting a new monster as well. We've had them for 11 years now, and have no idea how long the previous owners had them (they came with the house). Every once in a while one won't turn on and we think uh oh it's time, and then the darn thing turns right on and we realize it was something stupid on our part... they just won't die, hahaha.

Evelyne said...

Wow you are super busy! Good news about your mum. Have a great week.

Rachel said...

Love your posts Lisa! What is your instagram name? I'm on there too...

From All Stitched Up said...

It was fun to catch up. College is such an exciting opportunity. Your Dad is funny.

Christina said...

I'm sitting here with my head spinning wondering where September went as well! Whew. And I thought September would start slowing down... : )

Your girls are so beautiful! So is your new washing machine but in a different way. Lol. And I have to say that I'm with Maggie...after about three hours of shopping, I'm pretty much worn out. As always, I love getting glimpses of your beautiful projects.

Kristyn Knits said...

Maybe my next washer can be a beast like that!! Hope it cuts down on the amount of laundry time. Blessings all around in every day. Thanks for sharing. xoxo

wayside wanderer said...

Your days are rich and full. I recognized the Panera bowl right away. I go there once a month with book club. Love those maters, too.