Friday, August 10, 2012

insta friday

It's Friday and I'm linking up my photos with Jeannett on Life Rearranged.  This is my first InstaFriday!
I just recently joined the craze on Instagram so I've still got a lot to learn.  But it's so easy and fun to capture those little moments with my cell phone.  You can follow me at lisamariequick...let me know if you're on Instagram too!

I've been spending most of my evenings in front of the tv cheering on the USA in the cross stitching is getting some good time in as well....unless it's too intense, then I can't stitch!

John Samuel got to go see the game of a lifetime with his good friend.  They went to Nationals Park to watch the Nats take on Miami.  They had seats right behind homeplate...he was on tv every time the 
batters were up.  So fun to see him having so much fun.  These seats were so good they got dinner and snacks all night long...for free!  The chef even gave them those hats to wear!  So fun!  

On Sunday, John Samuel and I went to Chantilly, VA to take in BrickFair.  I have never seen so many lego creations in all of my life.  It made me realize we don't nearly have the lego problem that I thought we had!  He was in his element all day long.  So fun to watch him interacting and taking it all in!

We spent a day at the was perfect until they made us get out of the water due to "unsanitary conditions"!  eeewww...I don't even want to know what was in that water. 

Since we couldn't get back in the water, we headed over to the nearby creamery and fed the baby calves and had ice cream!  It was a great way to end the day and it distracted us from thinking about what was in the water.

I captured this gorgeous sunset one was a beautiful night!

And today, I found some time to's been a while.  I'm working on some ruffled dishtowels.  It was a good way to end the week.  Tomorrow we're heading to pick up Maggie's senior photos, Kenzie has a sleepover and Jammer is hoping to ride bikes!

I hope your week ends on a good note too..and that as you look back over it, you can see beauty sprinkled throughout your days!


christinelaennec said...

My family and I would have loved to see the Lego creations at the Brick Fair!

Christina said...

What lovely moments! (Minus the unsanitary lake. Yuck.) I don't have a smart phone, so I'm not on Instagram, but I love seeing my friends' snapshots. :D

Thank you for expressing in your previous post the difference that receiving cards made after the loss of your grandmother. Because of your words, I prioritized getting a card in the mail to my aunt who suddenly lost her brother. I wouldn't have thought of it if it hadn't been for your post.

Chance said...

Lovin' the ruffled dishtowels!

Larissa said...

So fun to hear about your week - and all the fun you've been having. Love your ruffled dishtowels! I've been using dishtowels non-stop every since I got my new countertops - like them so much i want to keep them clean! Have a wonderful weekend!

From All Stitched Up said...

Looks like lots of fun. I love your cross stitch. I had fun knitting during the olympics. Here's to anotther good week.

Gloria said...

You captured some amazing images. Beautiful! I love the sweet calf and sunset photo!! Your cross-stitch and towel project are very lovely.


Mary said...

What creamery did you go to? I'd like to visit there if it's not too far from us.