Thursday, April 5, 2012

right now

Which season do you think is the busiest?  Fall, with back to school activities?  Maybe winter with Christmas and all the holiday happenings? I always think that the next season will be less busy but then I get to it and it's just as full as the one I just left.   I'm convinced that the busiest season is whichever one you're in....  No matter what season it is, it seems that the one in which you find yourself in is just as busy as the last one...but it's all good, isn't it?  These seasons are what make up a life....I'm learning to enjoy each and every minute of them.  My mom always told me not to hurry and wish your life away....she was so right!  There are blessings to find wherever you are.  
This season finds us:  

Enjoying Improv hour as Maggie performed (this was before the performance)
and Mckenzie watched on...she's such a great supportive sister!
 enjoying the wonderful weather outside 
(molly loves to sit on the deck and watch for the horses and squirrels) 
slowly getting started on a project...cutting 6 inch squares for the beginning of an hourglass quilt 

our boy is learning to mow the grass on the lawn tractor....I think his daddy was surprised that his legs were long enough to reach the brake....a key essential in mowing!
enjoying my plants - fiddleheads as they emerge from the ground all curly and green
bleeding hearts...
forget me nots
huechera...this one is called Peach is gorgeous!
working bit by bit on my favorite scarf ever...
it's so easy, I've actually got the pattern memorized.  
We're also into baseball season and basketball as well...but I'm having trouble uploading any more photos into blogger...oh well, that might by my cue to stop and go do some laundry.  It's always laundry season!  Enjoy your seasons and the days that make them up!  


Christina said...

I agree. Every season is the busiest! : ) My boys loved the picture of your boy on the tractor and immediately requested one of their own. Lol. I LOVE the pinks that you're using and am looking forward to seeing the finished quilt. And your flowers are beautiful. I'm loving the (pollen-free) sneak peeks at others' lovely blooms right now; our weather is still not nice enough for flowers.

Gloria said...

Great post! A reminder to enjoy each and every day the good Lord blesses us with. It is a gift!

When life gets busy things can become a bit crazy. I (we) have to just take those crazy days, "One Day at a Time". :) Sometimes easier said than done I know!
Wonderful words of wisdom your mom gave you...:)

Happy EAster to you!

Gigi said...

Hi Pretty Lady! Your girls are so adorable -- so pretty and big friendly smiles just like you. So many pretty flowers at your house. I'm having flower envy ;). Although, I'm so happy that our poor roses have come back from the terrible drought last year and are making some lovely blooms right now -- yay!
♥ ♥ ♥
Oh, and that boy -- nearly a man!

From All Stitched Up said...

What a fun peek into your life. Your girls are so sweet and you son ready to mow already? When I started reading your blog he was just a little kid. I am trying hard to enjoy every moment and what it brings but I can get easily swept away with a little excitment.

Tracy said...

Every season is busy and full in its on way, isn't it?! LOVE seeing all the floral beauty and all that's happening there. Those pink fabrics are deliciously beautiful.. and so is that knitting on the needles--YUM! Wishing you & yours a lovely Easter holiday weekend :o) ((HUGS))

Heather said...

Oh my, that just might be the cutest dog ever! It looks like your spring is so very full, and I hope that you enjoy every minute. Happy Easter as well :).

Maria said...

Your little puppy looks just like my little puppy - same haircut, same size, same cute look. I agree too - every season has its own busyness, joys and trials. So glad we have an awesome God to strengthen us, encourage us, guide us through each. Enjoy this one. We are just heading into two weeks break and I am so looking forward to no school (homeschooling) and I hope lots of gardening, stitching and knitting!

wayside wanderer said...

Molly is doing what I like to do, only I'm watching ducks and other birds. Love, love, love that beautiful scarf and the colors for your quilt. Looks like you are taking time to fill your full days with God's good gifts of creativity and beauty. Blessings,

Kristyn Knits said...

A busy, full life is what you lead. Each and every part looks like fun! You've been doing a lot of cutting...can't wait to see it come together. Enjoy each step of the process. Happy Spring!!