Wednesday, March 21, 2012

a jumble

I've been absent for a reason...We just returned from a basketball trip to Lynchburg, VA where the Varsity teams competed in the East Coast Homeschool Basketball Championships.  The weather was great and the games were even better.  I'm all in a jumble...trying to get back to our routine.
 The girl's team took the 2A Championship and brought home a banner (along with plenty of bruises!  I don't care what anyone is a contact sport!) Our boy's team came in 2nd place in their division.  Everyone got along and it was a week full of memories and special moments.
I always take along some projects to work on while traveling and I found this cute scarf pattern on Ravelry. The directions said to divide the yarn into two equal balls.  I had a huge ball of the sock yarn all ready to go!
  Since I didn't have a digital scale, I improvised and used my second grade balance scale.  I was pretty proud of myself!
But after all that cleverness, I barely stitched 3 rows on my scarf....I would come back after the games and'd have thought I was playing ball for as tired as I was by the end of the day.  (It's a lot of work being a good fan! )
I did manage to work on my cross stitch while we were riding down to Lynchburg.  I picked this out in reminded me of summer days.
And speaking of summer, we have been enjoying some gorgeous spring days and now that I'm not sitting in the stands with a camera in my hands and a prayer on my lips, I found some time to get outside and capture some of the beauty of the season.
When we were traveling down to Lynchburg, everything was brown...but on the way home, the trees were covered in soft fuzzy green buds!  It was amazing how fast everything popped with a week of warm temps!  
I can't believe it's the middle of March and we're enjoying May like temperatures.  Everything is blooming or sprouting....hopefully the frost and cold temps won't be back.

I feel like we missed I took a long nap and when I woke up it was spring.  Sort of like Narnia, but in reverse.  Strange.  I'm not complaining though, I love this weather.  
So...there it is....a jumble of things going on...a wonderful jumble!   Enjoy your days!  

(Oh and John noticed the curtain...after he read my blog!  he he) 


Val said...

What a cute little birdie! Glad your trip went well, and you had the chance to enjoy the marvels of creation on the way home. It is always easier to see God in nature when the flowers start blooming in spring, isn't it?

Meg said...

So glad you had a successful trip! And isn't it so weird how spring just happened all of a sudden? I want to take some pictures, but my memory card is full!

Kristyn Knits said...

Congratulations Force players! So happy everyone played well!! Nature is waking up here as well. I took a walk this afternoon looking for blooming blessings. I looked at that same scarf. love it!! and I'm still stitching my last Santa. Have a great finish to your spring week! miss you girl!! xoxo

Evelyne said...

Congratulations on the win!! Ah Spring - a joy to watch the ever so small bulbs emerging - gorgeous pics.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like three weeks rolled into one! I'm so glad you're enjoying a beautiful spring. I hope you get a moment to put your feet up.

wayside wanderer said...

Oh, yay for fun trips, nice people and playing well. I feel the same about winter. We didn't have one and I wonder what this coming Texas summer holds for us. We are getting lots of rain which is The Best!

Stephanie said...

Yes it's definitely more like May around here too! I love it but it's making me nervous that June will feel like August and being pregnant I really thought having a June baby I would get to miss the summer heat. Not looking like I'm going to be so lucky, oh well :) Loving the spring weather though! Congrats to your basketball players!!! Sounds like a fun trip!

From All Stitched Up said...

Congratulations on the basketball. What great memories you'll have. My husband is still chatting about old tournements. I love the cross stitch and I too am enjoying this beautiful weather.

Tracy said...

So glad to hear about all the success for the kids--hooray! And lovely with signs of spring. Would you believe we ate our first al fresco lunch today...yes, here!! haha... LOVE that red yarn you're using for that pretty scarf. And wonderful to see you're still doing the cross stitch. :o) Happy Spring Days to you all, Lisa ((HUGS))

Heather said...

Looks like you are enjoying the season in every way!

Green Acres in the City said...

Does anyone know what happened to the Jolly Bee?