Tuesday, March 29, 2011

along the way

Have you ever walked through a season littered with lessons?  I'm there.  right now.  Sometimes the lessons are delightful and I relish the new things I'm learning and other times I'd really rather look away than deal with the reality that is my ugly heart.  I've been deliberately crawling through this winter headed into what will inevitably become spring and I anxiously await for the new growth to show up on the trees and in my life.
Along the way I've been learning:
~to open my hands to whatever God gives...
~that I want to live fully not empty
~the height of my joy is found in the depth of my thanks
~hurry always empties a soul
~my hope is not in a calm, perfectly planned schedule-my hope is in Christ
~life is dessert and I need to savor it - life is not an emergency
Many of the lessons I've been learning have correlated perfectly to the reading that I've been doing as I work my way through Ann Voskamp's book,  one thousand gifts.  I'm so thankful for her insights and her honesty...If you have some time for cultivating new growth in your life I highly recommend her book. 
I'm so thankful for seasons of learning and new growth...even when the lessons come hard.  How about you....What are you learning right now in your life? 


no spring chicken said...

I am in a season myself. Thanks for sharing your lessons. They sound familiar though I know that the means to the end is different for each person. He wants to sanctify us. And you're right, sometimes it's painful. Don't you wonder about people who don't know Hope? I don't know how I could get through trials without knowing I could trust Him who I KNOW is trustworthy!
Blessings, Debbie

Tracy said...

"...hurry always empties a soul... life is not an emergency..." I love these words & lessons, Lisa. After a long, dully, cold, snowy winter, I feel I'm literally waking up again now that spring is here--I feel like I'm bursting out all over! During the winter I've been doing chakra & energy healing, and have found it amazingly empowering and balancing. It's like coming home to myself again, and how I am a light for Spirit to shine though. :o) May grace & peace be with you... ((HUGS))

wayside wanderer said...

Ah, yes, looking away, I can relate to that. Growing in grace seems to be the theme for me lately. I have a long way to go, thankfully God is faithful to finish what he begins. Lovely pictures! God bless.

Gigi said...

Wonderful post! And what am I learning right now . . . the blessings of prayer.
Hearts & flowers,

Larissa said...

"life is desert - life is not an emergency" This is so beautifully put - and a lesson that i need to commit to memory myself. I am waiting for spring myself - it's been freezing and rainy here and I crave sunshine. In the meantime I have been wearing a certain cowl every single day (thank you so much for blessing me with your beautiful work) and taking long walks. I am sure that you will emerge from this season with greater knowledge and gratitude. Sending you and yours much love and big hugs, friend!

Imene said...

I picked it up last time I was at the bookstore but I wasn't too sure! Thank you for the recommendation.
The quote "Hurry empty the soul" is amazing~

Kristyn Knits said...

what a wonderful look at you. sounds like a book I could really use right now as well. I'm learning: silence is necessary to hear quite voices; total dependence is how I'm to live every day (no matter how uncomfortable it feels); there's no place like home, so make it a haven. blessings as you continue through this season of growth.

Ruth said...

this book is on my wish list. great lessons that we should all embrace.


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

You've got some wonderful sentiments in this post. A can almost taste the change of seasons going on. I'm in the process of refocusing some of my energies in a new direction. We'll see where that takes me.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

I love all you wrote! I am learning to be more present in my life and to fully appreciate all that I have.

Gloria said...

This is a beautiful post! I love your reflections and the pretty photos you chose to go along with them.
I know my life just seems to get more hectic, and I don't like it. Growing can be painful...full of sore muscles, and nightly leg aches, filled with many discomforts. I tend to like "comfortable"...and not a lot of change. I have to surrender it all over to God when I get afraid. Then try to remember he engineers all of those changes in the seasons. HE knows what is best for me. He has a future and a hope planned for me and my family...:) I need to trust Him!
Thanks for sharing your heart with us. I hope God blesses you with a light-hearted day.
xoxo Gloria

Mary said...

My SIL just sent me that book. When I have a break from school books I'll try to read it.

Anonymous said...

What wise words. I just came back from a trip to see family and the theme of that visit seemed to be Letting Go: of possessions, of unnecessary ties, of material things that overwhelm us with their demands. I've come home with the thought that I do need to strip back some of the Stuff in our house, but I need to do so lovingly and gratefully. As you say, life is not an emergency. Thank you Lisa!