Friday, January 7, 2011

the knitting wrap up: a hug, toasty and slippers

I enjoy knitting.  I tell everyone that it's my therapy. They laugh.  I laugh.  But it's so true.  I get a lot of things sorted out while I knit.  I also get a lot of praying done while I knit.  Whenever I knit a gift for someone, there's a lot of prayer knit right into their gift.  I knit several gifts this year.  Some of them I already posted, but the gifts for my three sneaky kids had to be kept secret.  They actually read my blog (well, the girls do...) 
For Maggie:
Gaia Shoulder Hug- she's already worn it to a couple of parties....she wears it backwards like a big looks great on her.  I typically wouldn't have chosen to knit this for a teen, but she modeled one I made earlier and she loved it...begged me to keep it.  That one was for someone else, so I made her this one in her favorite colors. 
For Mckenzie:
 Toasty- She's been wearing mine and asking for a pair since the weather got cold.  I actually started a pair in a different color to match her winter coat and then we realized the sleeves on that coat were too short, so we took it back.  I switched to these colors and they are so Kenzie...she loves them and now all of her friends want a pair. 

For John Samuel:
Felted Slippers- His daddy has a pair and I've often found him wearing those...he loves them and we had so much fun felting them together.  I gave them to him unfelted and he knew exactly what they were and how they would change after their hot water bath. {For these I used Patons Classic Wool and they have felted rather fuzzy.  They remind me a bit of Cookie Monster...not sure if I like that look or not. On the other ones I used Plymouth yarn and it felted a lot more smoothly, not nearly as fuzzy.} 
These were some of my favorite gifts to watch being opened on Christmas morning.  It was pure joy to see my kids eyes light up when they received their hand knit from mama.  Who knows how long they'll still want me to knit for them?  I've got to soak it up while I can.    And the bonus is that all of those gifts were stitched with lots of love and prayers, which makes them the perfect gift. 


Kristyn Knits said...

LOVE that I can share this knitting journey with YOU! these projects are beautiful (and handsome)! doesn't maggie's expression make all the time and secret knitting worth it? that's how I felt on the inside when I opened my gift!!

Firefly said...

Beautiful knitting and beautiful daughter!
And I'm right with you on the therapy part of knitting. There's a scene in "The Secret of Moonacre" where the young heroine and her governess are in danger, and the governess says, "Maria, there's only one thing that can save us now -- classical French needlepoint!". Then, they both whip out their needlework and begin to frantically stitch away -- love that! So you see, we're not the only ones ;).

Stephanie said...

Gorgeous Shawl! I love the colors! The mittens and slippers are great too, what wonderful gifts!!

If you don't want the cookie monster look of the slippers you can always just take a pair of scissors (or electric hair raiser- I've done it) and trim off all the fuzzies for a cleaner look. But that's up to your son, I'm sure he loves the cookie monster look :) I love that you gave them to him unfelted and then felted them together, very sweet!

Anonymous said...

What lovely presents you've made for your children and how terrific that they are so thrilled by them. My very favy one is the shawl. I'm currently knitting a colourful wrap-around sweater for my soon-to-be-teenage daughter in a very similar colourway. You're so right about how soothing it is, and about the prayers that go into one's knitting.
(Hilarious quote, Firefly!)

wayside wanderer said...

The shawl is all my most favorite colors. It's perfect. My daughter has the same pj pants as yours. :)

Missouri Mommy said...

I love the toasty! I would like to do that but I'm not quite sure how to adapt her pattern to use two denise needles. Can you give me directions on how you adapted this? Thanks! They are beautiful knits!

From All Stitched Up said...

Great Great gifts. Knitting really settles me down. I love the idea that prayers are knit into your garmants. That makes them extra special.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Your daughter's expression is priceless -- great catch!

You have a wonderful eye for color. That's one thing I really struggle with.

Gloria said...

I love that genuine surprised look from your daughter!
Your children are so very fortunate their momma knows HOW to knit!! You really have made some amazing gifts here. They really look perfectly made!! :)

I hope you have a happy weekend!

xoxo Gloria

The WoodLand School said...

Lucky, lucky children! Your projects are just amazing, Lisa!

PS - LOVE the Christmas morning photo ... just priceless :-)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, wonderful knits! Love the fact you put much prayer into each gift! That will be a new goal for me! I too, love your daughter's expression.

Just a note~I have been making Those Mitts (also by A Friend to Knit With~WHAT would we do without Leslie's love and joy???) for all my kids. For girls, I cast on 36 instead of the 40 and it is just SOOOOO much easier than having to pick up for the thumb! I have probably made 7-10 pairs of them!

I have really been enjoying your site. As a fellow Believer, homeschooler, gardener, reader, knitter and homemaker, I find so much in common with you~even the way you decorate your home! Hugs~Jan

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Beautiful presents. Your children are so blessed to have you as a mama!

Larissa said...

What beautiful gifts for your kiddos! Maggie's expression on christmas morning says it all! And i ditto what kristyn wrote - your work is truly special!

Tracy said...

BEAUTIFUL knits, Lisa! And nothing like the joy of a hand knit gift. Those felted slippers are fantastic. I'm a big believer, too, in the therapy of knitting. And whenever I sit and knit, the prayer flow, and thoughts unwind. I love it. :o) Looking forward to seeing what you knit this year. Happy Days ((HUGS))

Heather said...

What a wonderful gathering of handmade gifts!

cathleen said...
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Ruth said...

love those felted slippers.

What a great look on her face.