Sunday, September 7, 2008

No Lounging here...

It all started when Kristyn mentioned that she wanted a pair of Amy Butler lounge pants as seen here. She had a vintage sheet and she even had the pattern but the problem was, she couldn't sew (yet). I said, "I can sew. You send me the pattern and your sheet and I'll make them for you...I'll even make myself a pair and it will be a fair trade." Yeah for me! I had queued these up in mind to make for some time and now I was getting the pattern. Well I made K a pair. I made myself a pair and I was done. Hers were pink with rick rack at the cute. I used the border from the top of my sheet for the bottom edge of the legs. They are so comfy.
Next thing you know, John Samuel, (my little guy) went and got his heavy fleece lounge pants that I had made him for Christmas last year and put them on. It was 95 degrees outside....not a good combination. I told him that he needed to wait and pull those out in the winter. "But mom, I want to wear my jammie pants like you.", he said. Oh. My. He has me wrapped around his little finger. The only problem was that I didn't have any old sheets lying around that would work for a little boy. Well wouldn't you know it, about 2 days later, my girlfriend gave me some sheets from her son's room that didn't fit his new double bed. They had baseballs on them. La La La Love when that happens! So I made John Samuel a pair, and while I was at it, I made some for Kristyn's boys to take to the beach.
Connor's (in the middle) are a bit long. Good thing he's still growing. His were actually made out of the pillow case. I put some elastic in the back section of their drawstrings so they wouldn't have to untie them when heading to the little boys' room. (I know how last minute that can be with little guys). I got all three of those out of one flat sheet and a pillow case. Isn't that amazing? Just when I thought I might be able to put away the sewing machine. My big guy says, "Do you think you have enough material left to make me a pair? They look so comfy." How did he know I had a whole fitted sheet left in the boy material? I didn't get his done in time to take with us to the beach, but I finished them this past week and he loves them. (His and the boys are not Amy's wide leg pattern, they are a combo of patterns that I had in my file) His are in the coordinating star fabric. Now, I'm just waiting for the girls to put in their request. My neighbor already has. She saw me out in my wide leg lounge pants walking the dog around the yard...I now have her sheet waiting on my cutting table.


Kristyn Knits said...

I'll start collecting sheets from garage sales, if you make the pants and sell them on etsy! love mine too! {you beat me to the post-mine's coming!}

Emily said...

Y'all are so cool.

a friend to knit with said...

these are SO great!!!
i love how everyone that has asked has gotten you to make them a pair. :)

just made another pair today! they really are so great!!