Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gathering Mums

I'm still trying to watchful for those things in my life that bring delight and joy. I'm finding that most of them are little, simple things. So today, as it is feeling more like fall, I stumbled upon several treasures as I went about my day. Being the seasonal freak that I am, I decided that today I was gathering mums...instead of roses.
Our new favorite breakfast: smoothies. I make them in our Magic Bullet and they are so delicious. I use a cup of yogart, some fruit (whatever is on hand; this one has mixed frozen berries), some 1% milk, a couple of ice cubes and I even throw in some wheat germ when no one is looking to make them even more nutricious. They bring a smile to everyone's face!
Can you see the smoothie mustache? too cute!
Watching this sweet girl eat her mini "ike creem code" at lunch today. She's only weeks away from being adopted by my dear friends. She is a treasure of exceptional proportions. Such an awesome gift sent straight from the Lord.
Getting eggs from my friend Sharon and visiting on a beautiful afternoon. She raises chickens and goats and is pretty much self sufficient. I asked her what she goes to the grocery store to buy and she said, "Sugar, toilet paper and paper towels!" Wow! (Although I did see a flat of water in the corner of her kitchen!) I took them out of the egg containers and put them in a bowl in the fridge. They make me happy everytime I open the refrigerator door.
Getting to enjoy the rare beauty of this passion flower. Isn't God's handiwork just matchless? You've heard the expression, "Take time to stop and smell the roses?" I'm so glad I took the time to notice this today. I snapped so many pictures to try to capture the exquiste beauty of this flower. I hope you'll stumble upon some mums as you go about your day. They seem to be in the least likely of places.

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BizzyMommyKnits said...

God's handiwork ids totally matchless1 Your mums look fabulous1 I need to get some. I really think adoption is such a brave thing. She's adorable! great post as usual :0)