Tuesday, December 6, 2011

celebrate everywhere

I love this time of year, when the house is all decorated for Christmas and the lights bring such warmth and coziness to everything.  We decorated right after Thanksgiving and have been enjoying the magical feeling that the house takes on during this time of year.
 I took a ton of pictures as I decorated so that next year I might be able to 'recreate' my decor more easily next year.  I tend to be a fusser.  I put something somewhere, walk away and then return to move it around until I get it right where I want it. 
I figure if I can look at pictures I might save myself some fussing next year....right!?  I'll let you know how that works out. 
We are an artificial tree family....Maggie and I get awful allergies and sinus infections from having a real tree in the house, so I've learned to find the positive in our 'boxed tree'.  One things I hate though, is the stem that shows down at the bottom.
 It's long and skinny and looks really ugly.  So, I hide it with our wrapped presents.  It looks so much better with all the gifts piled around the bottom.  (this also helps motivate me to wrap my gifts early)
I also love to decorate our outside.   I put pine and boxwood in baskets and watering cans and create little vignettes of beauty along the way.
 Whether I'm bringing in the mail, welcoming guests or looking out the kitchen window while washing dishes I get glimpses of beauty that make me smile.  (and when it snows...they even look prettier!)
How about you?  What do you do to transform your home during this magnificently wonderful time of year?  The Savior has been born....celebrate everywhere you can! 
****Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts on my last post....you guys are hilarious!  And just so you know....I've decided to keep the sausages for myself. 


wayside wanderer said...

Everything looks so festive! Very pretty decor and I really like your outdoor things. I'm having fun trying out our old decorations in new ways in our new house.

Evelyne said...

You have a beautiful festive feel to your home - love the decorations and spirit of christmas. Merry Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

I can see how your decorations make you happy! Here we have some tried and true things that come out at Christmas-time, including a string of paper cats bearing Christmas puddings! My favourite moment is decorating the tree, though. We are lucky not to be bothered by a real one, and the smell of the forest in the house is grand.

I'm so pleased you're keeping the scarf for yourself! Will you think of it as your Christmas gift to yourself?

Christina said...

: ) I just wrote about my almost-no-fuss decorating! I love your "vignettes of beauty!"

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

You decorate like I do -- so of course, I could heap on the praise! Everything looks lovely. Enjoy those twinkly lights.

Gigi said...

Oh I love your pretty sweet & homey Christmas decorations! And I'm thinking I might just have to borrow a few of cute ideas ;).

Cathy said...

So that is what you define as a fusser. And I thought you were only being meditative and allowing time for thoughtful consideration.

I like what you said,"The Savior has been born...celebrate everywhare you can!" I love lights and glitter.

Kristyn Knits said...

We're doing similar decorating here...hope to show it off next week. :) Love every inch!! Makes me smile each time I think of your lovely decorating style. miss it!!

Heather said...

So beautifully festive. I love seeing the ways that so many decorate, it just makes the season a bit brighter :).

Tracy said...

Sooo PRETTY & FESTIVE, Lisa! You have such a great flair for holiday decorating, and your home always looks so inviting and cozy. This year I've added purple to our "usual" theme of white, gold and silver for holiday decorating. The purple adds a nice richness and punch. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

no spring chicken said...

I love it all... it could just come live at my house for the season... especially those packages under the tree. I know the goodness that comes from those creative hands!!

Blessings, Debbie

Gloria said...

Your home looks very lovely and cozy! I never quite know for sure how my decorations will end up. I drag things out and become totally inspired to try something new with my old things. Every year the time flies by faster. I am not as quick as I use to be about having everything out early and decorated! Lately I have been feeling simpler is better in this home. I don't feel the need to pull everything out of my boxes like I use to.

Have a beautiful weekend!!


Yarny Days said...

So festive, and beautiful. Happy 2012~!