Sunday, March 22, 2009


I finished my Wisp. It's a free pattern from Knitty 2007. I first saw this on Larissa's blog. She sent me the yarn and the buttons as a special gift. (Thanks again Larissa!) It was a fun knit. The pattern is easily memorized. It makes a great travel project. When you're done you have a versatile scarf, shawl accessory. The nice thing about Wisp is the amazing number of ways you can make use of it.

You can wear it as a stole:As a scarf:

As a cowl:or even a shawl:

The pattern even shows it being worn as a hood (you can weave a ribbon along the side) but it looked rather hilarious. I'm sure my wisp will get lots of wear. Here's the knitty gritty:

Pattern: Wisp
Needles: circulars Size 7
Yarn: Kathm
andu DK color 400 (used 2 balls)
Mods: I used a totally different yarn than the pattern called for. I also used a smaller size needle.
Finished length: 50 inches by 10 inches.


fromallstitchedup said...

Your Wisp is beautiful. I'm sure you will wear it often.

Kristyn Knits said...

great project lisa!
It looks great on you. I love the versatility of just one item.
what's next?

tiennie said...

I've never seen this before - I love it! It might just have to be my next project. :)

Christina said...

Lovely! It looks like the perfect spring accessory.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Your wisp is gorgeous!

Mary said...

It looks great! You are a speed knitter. I did finish my baby blanket and delivered it yesterday. I forgot to take a picture. I got a temp job and start working next week but will only work 4 days/week so maybe we can craft again soon.

cathleen said...

This is so pretty...the pattern is lovely, as well as, the yarn you used!

larissa said...

lisa, it's beautiful! and it looks so good on you! I am so glad you knit it!

a friend to knit with said...

it really is a beautiful knit!!!
and it looks LOVELY on you.

mark said...

wow, a project well done! so many ways to wear it, but must admit that it looks best when paired with that smile in the second to last picture.

jo ellen said...

What a great piece that does so much. Throw over your head when the unexpected spring rain starts and you have NO umbrella. Great job Lisa!